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Formation Of Cluster Schools Of Excellence Should Involve Other IPT

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

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SERDANG, Oct 11 (Bernama) — The collaboration for the formation of Cluster Schools of Excellence (SKK) should not be limited to public universities (UA), but should be expanded to private and other institutions of higher learning (IPT), said Higher Education Ministry secretary-general Tan Sri Dr Noorul Ainur Mohd Nur.

“This will indirectly help achieve the ministry’s target of having 600 SKK by 2020, as compared to the current 413 schools,” she said.

The SKK-UA collaboration programme was introduced on Aug 1, 2014, involving the cooperation between the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education, in which the universities would act as mentors to various SKK to promote the school’s excellence.

Speaking at the SKK-UA Collaboration Excellence Award 2016 ceremony here today, Noorul Ainur said the programme had succeeded in helping schools to equip their students with high-level thinking skills.

She said the concept of comradeship and ownership (KnK) was used in the SKK-UA collaboration programme to develop synergy between the two parties for academic excellence.


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