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SIDMA College Solidarity with the Late Lawrence Jeffrine Idang’s family

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

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Prof Dr Morni Hj Kambrie, Chairman and Founder of SIDMA College, collaborated with Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, Penampang station, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Red Crescent and ITCC together initiated a collaborative Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) event “Solidarity with the family of the Late Lawrence Jeffrine Idang” on 29 August 2020 at International Technology & Commercial Centre, Penampang; (ITCC Penampang). The event was held from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm in the evening.

The main aim of the function was to enable the local community of Penampang as well as the surrounding districts to come forward and donate blood or in kinds to the family of the Late Lawrence Jeffrine Idang. The late Lawrence who was a Fire Fighter, attached to the Penampang Fire and Rescue Department, passed away on 16 May 2020 while in the line of duty. Through his marriage with Ruslinah Asoi, the family has six children, of which three of the daughters (namely Priscilla Agrace (20), Debbie Ashanty (16) and Christyn Rachel (15) are suffering from thalassemia and are in need of blood transfusion twice a month.

During the event, Queen Elizabeth II Blood Transfusion Team was assisted by SIDMA College staff, the Penampang Fire and Rescue personnel, the Malaysian Red Crescent and the “Persatuan Penggerak Penampang Sabah”. Together they managed the crowd/visitors movement, taking & recording their body temperature, leading visitors/donors to their seat, arranging their turn to donate blood and more. Mr. Allan (Persatuan Penggerak Penampang) also brought along volunteers to donate blood.

The plight of the family was highlighted by Widow Ruslinah Asoi, as she was really worried about getting continuous blood supply for her three thalassemia stricken children. Other than that, Widow Ruslinah was also facing monetary difficulties as she has no fixed income, and currently she is still sorting out with the authorities, in the hope that her late husband’s pension will be approved in the very near future.

Earlier, Prof Dr Morni and staff of SIDMA College Sabah, particularly Puan Soinim Musa, Puan Daria Joseph and Mr. Terence B Stephens; just to mention a few names of the staff involved, along with the Penampang Fire and Rescue Department staff visited the problem stricken family to discuss on ways that SIDMA College and Fire and Rescue Department could assist the family members of the Late Lawrence J. Idang.

Prof Dr Morni took the opportunity to thank all donors on their donation for a very noble course. He also handed goodies bag to all the donors. He also thanked all SIDMA College staff, Penampang Fire and Rescue Department staff, Queen Elizabeth II Blood Transfusion Team, Malaysian Red Crescent, Persatuan Penggerak Penampang, and not forgetting the general public who have come forward to donate blood or in kinds. Dr Morni also thanked the Management of ITCC Penampang for the free usage of ITCC to carry out the function.

Prof Dr Morni also encouraged the general public, especially those who could not present themselves to the solidarity event to continue to donate blood for the family’s thalassemia stricken children as well as to assist others who need blood to save their live. Those who wish to donate blood for the siblings of the Late Lawrence J Idang are welcomed to do so at Queen Elizabeth Hospital I or II (for Priscilla Agrace), and at Likas Women and Children Hospital for the other two children. For those who would like to gather more information to assist the family, Widow Ruslinah can be reached at 016-587 1936. You can also contact Prof Dr Morni Kambrie at 013-810 6201 for further details.

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SIDMA College Sabah, ECCP Members initiated Webinars on Opportunities in Education Partnerships

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

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The ECCP (European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines) is a bilateral foreign chamber that promotes European interests in the Philippines and vice versa. With more than 800 members from the community, the ECCP offers a strong business network that holds great potential in transforming it to tangible business opportunities. Thus it is indeed a unique organization that offers membership as well as professional business services to members and clients.

The ECCP identifies business opportunities, facilitate business contacts, and provides market intelligence research for European and Philippine companies alike. The ECCP keeps its members informed through its digital channels, publications and e-newsletters.

In line with New Normal after Covid-19; the ECCP, through its Southern Mindanao Business Council (ECCP-SMBC) recognizes the role of education in nation building and supports the plans of its members who engaged in education. The ECCP, in partnership with SIDMA College Sabah, CHED-ARMM, Bangsamoro University of the Southern Philippines and the Philippines Muslim Teachers’ College collectively initiated webinar entitled “Opportunities in Educational Partnerships between East Malaysia and the BARMM Higher Education Institutions on June 29, 2020 conducted via Zoom.

During the session, Prof. Dr Morni Hj Kambri, Founder and Chairman of SIDMA College Sabah, shared with all the webinar’s audience, on the academic programmes offered at the college. Currently SIDMA College Sabah collaborated with Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK), Kuala Lumpur and offers various academic programmes, dedicated in addressing the global capital needs of the 21st century. Courses include Foundation Studies, Diploma, Bachelor and Master programmes in diverse disciplines including business administration, management education, early childhood education and English. Other than its own home grown  Diploma in Early Childhood Education; SIDMA College also signed Academic Collaborative Agreement with University of Cyberjaya (UoC) to conduct Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

All programmes offered are affordable for the general public and are approved by the Malaysian’s Higher Education Ministry (MOHE)

Apart from sharing the academic programmes offered by the college, Dr Morni also discussed about the opportunities for students exchange programmes, as well as staff exchange programmes to the universities and colleges in the BARMM area. Those interested to learn more about SIDMA College Sabah are welcome to forward their email to

The other speakers of the day were BARMM CHED Commissioner, Dr Amor Pendalilay and President of the Philippine Muslim Teachers’ College, Dr Norma Sharief. Dr Norma Sharief that have also shared their academic programmes, student and staff exchange programmes with the universities and colleges in the BARMM area. Those are interested to learn more can send them an email via

More upcoming Webinar events are planned by ECCP to be held are as follows:

  1. July 3 2020 (10.00 am to 12.00 pm.) – The ECCP Sandbox: Webinars on Innovation E-commerce: The Transformation of Retail.
  2. July 6, 2020 (03.00 pm – 04.00 pm) – ECCP Talks with BOI: Investment Outlook and Opportunities in the “New Normal”
  • July 6, 2020 (19.30 am – 11.30 am) – Ready, Reset, Start: Life in the New Normal
  1. July 7, 2020 (10.30 am – 11.45 am) – Rebooting your Business: Keeping your clients and employees safe.
  2. July 7, 2020 (02.00 pm – 03.00 pm) – ECCP Talks with DOE Undersecretary Wimpy Fuentebella: The Now and Future of the Philippine Energy Sector.
  3. July 8 & 9, 2020 (.01.30 – 4.30 pm) – Winning the Customer: Emotional Intelligence and Customer Service.
  • July 10, 2020 (4.00 pm – 5.00 pm) – Business Resumption & Total Safeguarding.
  • July 21, 22 & 23, 2020 (02.30 pm – 4.30 pm) – Risks Issues and Cisis Management.

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SIDMA College Sabah to assist mother of Thalassemia-stricken Children

Monday, June 15th, 2020

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Prof Dr Morni Hj Kambrie, (chairman and founder of SIDMA College) upon being informed by his staff on the plight of widow Ruslinah Asoi for blood donations for her three thalassemia-stricken children via numerous platforms, including Facebook; immediately made a courtesy call to the family to convey SIDMA College concerns and sympathy, as well as to look for ways possible to assist the family. Dr Morni was accompanied by Mr Terence B Stephen (Student Affairs Department), Fire and Rescue Department of Penampang Officer Duty Officer, and other staff of the college. According to Pn. Ruslinah, three of her six children; namely Priscilla Agrace (20); Debbie Ashanty Lawrence (16), and Christyn Rachel (15) are thalassemia patients who are regularly in need of blood transfusions, at least twice a month.

Ruslinah, a housewife, recently lost her fireman husband, the late Lawrence Jeffrine Idang (48), is not only worried about getting continuous blood supply for her three children, but is also facing monetary difficulties to provide the basic necessities for herself and her family. Currently she has no income, and she is still sorting out matters with regards to her husband’s death with the authorities, in the hope that his pension will be approved. However she realised that this would take some time as her husband only passed away for a month. The family also had to vacate their Fire and Rescue Department Quarters in Penampang by the end of the month and look for a new place for her children and herself.

Upon hearing Rusinah’s plight, Prof Dr Morni immediately instructed his staff to arrange a special meeting. A special committee was formed, headed by Puan Soinim Musa and Puan Daria Joseph to look for ways to assist the family. Some of the immediate target will be to look for blood donors to assist the three thalassemia children; as well as collecting donation in cash for the immediate assistance to the family.

Meanwhile Dr Morni encouraged the general public to come forward and donate blood for the thalassemia children. Those who wish to donate blood under the children’s name can do so at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Priscilla, and for the other two children at Children’s Hospital in Likas. Ruslina can also be contacted at 016-587 1936 for more details.

Prof Dr Morni also took the opportunity to thank his staff, particularly Puan Soinim, Puan Gui Yic Sen, Mr Terence B. Stephen, Puan Daria Joseph and more for their concern and sympathy shown towards the Rusinah’s family.

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SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah June / July 2020 Intake of New Students

Friday, June 12th, 2020

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SIDMA College Sabah, located at Jalan Bundusan, Penampang, 88300 KOTA KINABALU, prides itself in being one of the few institutions of higher learning in Sabah, offering more than ten academic programmes, ranging from Foundation Studies to Master’s Degree, in various field of studies such Education, Administration, Business and more. First established in Sarawak in 1998, the college which was formerly known as Institut Pengurusan Dinamik Seminar (IPDS) extended its operation to the “Land Below the Wind”, Sabah in 2002. During its establishment in Kota Kinabalu, SIDMA had its first of 34 students in 2003. Over the years, the students’ population rose close to around 2,000 registered and active students prior to the year 2020.

Under the charismatic leadership of Prof Dr Morni Hj Kambrie (Founder and Chairman), together with its dynamic team of managers and trusted Board of Directors, as well as its’ close network with University Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) and University of Cyberjaya; the college prospers jubilantly over the years and rapidly emerged as one of the local institution of higher learning in Sabah offering Foundation Studies, Diploma Studies, Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in various field of studies such as Education, Early Childhood Education, Management, Administration, as well as several of its own home grown academic programmes.

Aiming high towards achieving its great vision of being a renowned local college and producing competitive graduates possessing knowledge, value and skills needed for the 21st Century Workforce, the management of the college is constantly upgrading itself to ensure comprehensive quality control exist throughout its transformation stages from the input to ensure the delivery of quality educational outcome is accomplished.

Being equipped with the latest technical infrastructure, the college strives by adopting and focusing on blended teaching and learning, a hybrid teaching and learning model that combines the conventional face-to-face meetings with tutors and lecturers in the classrooms, and the internet-based support system which provide continuous interactions among students, tutors and lecturers nationwide; as well as ensuring students being immersed in conducive environments to understand and implement theories learned in the classrooms into real world work experience; during their interns (practicum), thus producing marketable workforce much needed for the 21st century.

Currently with the Covid-19 pandemic situation disrupting classes and activities of the college, the only option available for students to resume learning is to go online. This is not only to ensure the safety of students and staff, but also to ensure education continuity for students, especially during the current Movement Control Order (MCO) period and beyond (if need be). Luckily, as the college is already equipped with all the latest and secure system required to conduct classes, activities and etc, the entire college are adapting well to accommodate each and every single student to ensure that their studies will not be affected.

For your information, all courses offered received full accreditation from Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), and thus courses offered here are similar to those offered at other universities (including in IPTA’s) throughout Malaysia.

The following are Programmes of Studies offered at SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah for the June/July 2020 intake of new students:

  • Foundation in Arts and Social Science,
  • Diploma in Management
  • Diploma Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)
  • Diploma Early Childhood Education (DECE)
  • Bachelor in Management (Hons)
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons)
  • Bachelor in Education (Hons) (majoring Bahasa Melayu; English & Literature; Bahasa KadazanDusun (coming soon), Mathematics; Economics, and Islamic Studies.
  • Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (Hons)
  • Bachelor of English (Hons)
  • Master of Management (weekends classes)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (part time / weekends studies)

Interested applicants with years of working experience may also apply via APEL offered by UNIRAZAK.

REGISTRATION for June/July 2020 of new students for UNIRAZAK and SIDMA academic programmes is ONGOING. To register in person and meet with our Registration Team, do contact us so we can make the necessary arrangement and adhere to the SOP by calling/WhatsApp our Hotlines at 013 8106201 or 013 8654877

However, we highly recommend that you utilised our ONLINE Application by clicking on the following link @

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SIDMA Students Stranded in Hostels during MCO Returned Home

Monday, May 18th, 2020

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SIDMA College Sabah students were among the 53,000 public and private higher learning institutions (that is 85 percent wishing to go back while the other 15 percent chose to stay back in campus) students stranded in the campus’ hostel nationwide when MCO was declared on 18 Mac 2020, rejoiced when Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri announced that the stranded students are allowed to returned back home beginning 27 April 2020 to be with their family for the Ramadhan month, Hari Raya festival and to celebrate the Harvest Festival.

On the 2nd and 3rd of May 2020, Mr Terence Stephen on the behalf of SIDMA College made arrangement for a total of 68 SIDMA College students who wanted to return to their hometown to undergo Covid-19 screening (swab test) at Penampang Health Clinic before they were allowed to leave the hostel. After the Covid-19 screening, SIDMA College conveyed its appreciation to Penampang Health Clinic for their kind assistance and cooperation in facilitating the processes involved. Students who had undergone their Covid-19 screening were then quarantined at their own hostels for 14 days. Food and daily necessities were provided by the college.

On 17 May 2020, all the them are declared as Covid-19 negative by the MOH. Prof Dr Morni Kambrie, Chairman and Founder of the SIDMA College, with joy and pleasure invited parents to meet their children and to bring them home. In terms of travel arrangements, Prof Dr Morni and Mr Terence reminded that students who are travelling with their parents or family members not to allow other passengers in their vehicle. They also remind those travelling home via bus to observe social distancing throughout their journey, Students also need to bring their own food and drinks in case they are travelling for more than six hours as well as to break their fast. Students must to go straight home and not to make any stops for refreshment or visiting relative.

Meanwhile, Prof Dr Morni took the opportunities to thank the general public who have donated food and drinks to the students staying in the hostels during MCO. He also conveyed his heartfelt thanks towards Penampang Health Clinic who has been always concerned and take good care of the health conditions of SIDMA College students.

SIDMA College Sabah has prosper jubilantly over the years, and rapidly emerged as a leading college in Sabah offering degree courses, in addition to its home-grown diploma programmes. Its’ technology and environment can support the ambitions and goals of students who want to create a brighter tomorrow. Currently (during Covid-19 pandemics period) SIDMA College is conducting all of its lectures and learning activities with students through online learning not to mentioned that all support service for the student is also extended through online so any matters can resolve promptly. We strive to be “Champions of Change” and change is what drives us ALL to SUCCESS.

SPM, SVM, STAM and STPM students wishing to further their education are welcomed to study at SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah by choosing one of the courses listed below. Working adults who didn’t meet the basic requirement can also make their application using APEL. Application can be done online through the following link @ Potential candidates can also contact Prof Dr Morni Kambrie through his hand phone 013 810 6201.

List of Academic Programmes offered at SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah for 2020/2021 Academic Year are as follows:

  • Foundations in Arts and Social Sciences
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • Diploma in Management
  • Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health
  • Bachelor in Management (Hons)
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons)
  • Bachelor in English (Hons)
  • Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (Hons)
  • Bachelor in Education (Hons) majoring in Bahasa Melayu, English and Literature, Bahasa KadazanDusun (coming soon), Mathematics, Economics, or Pengajian Islam.
  • Master in Management
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA).

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Saturday, May 16th, 2020

teacher day status 1

16 May is our National Teachers’ Day that is celebrated every single year; the day to thank the teachers who shaped a student’s raw talent and nourish him to become the best. A teacher is the one who inspires, guides, enlightens and most importantly motivates a student, to get the best out of them. Only a teacher can help one to become better. The teacher would be the one who will always be happy to see them succeed, aside from their parents.

In conjunction with this annual auspicious occasion, Prof Dr Morni Hj Kambrie, Chairman and Founder of SIDMA College, on behalf of the SIDMA College, conveyed his congratulations and appreciations message to Ministry of Education Malaysia, Sabah Department of Education, Director of KEMAS Sabah, Director Jabatan Perpaduan Negara dan Integrasi Nasional Sabah, Secretary Bahagian PERMATA, Division and District Education Officers, Primary and Secondary School Principals or Headmasters, as well to all teachers and school staff for their readiness to provide space, opportunities, assistance as well as providing the necessary scaffolding to enable SIDMA College Diploma and Bachelor Education students in completing their teaching practicum.

We really honour every Education Officers and teachers for their hard work and dedication to lead, care, and inspire these trainee teachers, junior teachers and students. They have not only imparts mere academical knowledge but also values and life skills. A good teacher brings out the best in students and inspires them to lead meaningful lives. In fact, lots of young students nowadays have been inspired to become teachers themselves, and currently studying to become teacher; either as Early Childhood Educators or as teachers in primary and secondary schools. Congratulations and thank you, teachers for making a difference among our students, as well as in our young Education graduates.

Teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world, and there is no substitute to quality education because it helps in changing the lives of thousands even millions of individuals and their families forever. It is also crucial to the growth of a developing nation such as Malaysia.

Thank you, teachers! Thank you so much for your dedications, sacrifices and contributions to the success of each coming generation of the nation. Happy Teacher’s Day. May God bless you with the strength to achieve greater personal and professional growths in the coming years.

SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah currently offers Bachelor of Education (Hons), Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons), Diploma Early Childhood Education, as well as many other courses. The June 2020 Intake for new students to register at SIDMA College UNIRZAK Sabah is now open. All SPM, SVM, STAM, STPM holders are welcomed to register at SIDMA College located at Jalan Bundusan, 88300 KOTA KINABALU. Potential students can register with SIDMA College through the following link They can also visit @ to register online. For more information about studying at SIDMA College Sabah, please call SIDMA Hotline @ 088-732000 or 088-732 020.

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Al-Mughni Orphanage

Saturday, May 16th, 2020

96846242 2925044394210392 7302920063768592384 nAl-Mughni Orphanage Organisation is an Orphanage Charity operated by SIDMA College Sabah under the chairmanship of Prof Dr Morni Hj Kambrie. The key objective of its establishment is for the love of humanity: the caring, sharing, nourishing and nurturing of the young but deprived local children. It is also part of Dr Morni and SIDMA College Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), that is to give back to the community a portion of the of the earnings by sharing it with the deprived, neglected or needy children.

The orphanage was initiated and launched by Prof Dr Morni Hj Kambrie (Founder and Chairman of SIDMA College), together with the late Allahyarham Cikgu Tuan Haji Ali Gapar (Please pray for Allahyarham) at Allahyarham’s resident on 27 May 2013 at Kampong Lubok, Weston. Subsequently, Prof Dr Morni was appointed as Chairman of the organization. Also present during the launching ceremony were Puan Azlina (Advisor), Puan Azizah Khalid Merican (Deputy Chairman), Puan Rukidah Rudin (Treasurer), Puan Noradilah Binti Mohamadia (Secretary), Mr. Abu Said Safwan Bin Ali (Assistant Secretary), as well as all the committee members. The orphanage’s registration was approved by the Registrar of Societies Malaysia on 21st February 2013.

Currently Pertubuhan Anak Yatim has adopted seven (7) children; down from the previous nine (9) orphans. From the seven children, five of them are Muslim children from Putatan, Beaufort and Sipitang. Another two are Christian children from Kg. Bengkahak, Kota Belud currently studying in SK Bengkahak.

The unique aspect about Al-Mughni orphanages is the simple concept used.  Orphans under its care are those children that are either staying with their mother, uncles or aunts as their father have passed away; but one of the orphan together with the mother was given the privilege to stay at the official “Rumah Anak Yatim” at No 1, Lorong Merpati, Jalan Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu. Prof Dr Morni provided all the orphans with monthly allowances as well as other basic necessities such as school uniform, stationeries and pocket monies to each child since April 2013.

Being a self-funded non-government organization, all the funding of the organisation has been from Dr Morni’s personal earnings, SIDMA College Sabah, collection from donation boxes placed at certain shops as well as fund donated by the general public.  Dr Morni would like to thank the general public for their generosity by contributing generously to the orphanage fund.

Meanwhile, the Management of the Orphanage sincerely invited generous donation from the general public to assist in its operation. Donations can be made in cheque addressed to Pertubuhan Pengurusan Anak Yatim Al-Mughni  or via online transfer at Bank Islam, account number:  1005 2010 004303 or Bank Muamalat, account number: 1001 0002 454710. Should you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to call/Whatsapp 013-8106201. Thank you.

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Congratulations to all 2019 STPM and SPM Achievers – JOM!!! Let’s Further our Studies at SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

The result for the 2019 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) examinations has been released. Congratulations on passing your 2019 SPM or STPM Examinations. Excellence isn’t a skill, it’s rather an attitude. Keep up your good work and continue to strive for your future career!!! It’s all out there! Put your future in good hands – your OWN and let your future starts with us at SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah.

Prof Dr Morni Hj Kambrie (Chairman and Founder of SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah) conveyed his heartiest congratulations to all the candidates who have received their SPM and STPM results, because they have done their best. “Congratulations on your achievements. We hope your hard work has really paid off well. Regardless of the results, what is important now is what you choose to do after this. Whatever your choice, you just have to do your best”, he added when met.

He advised these students to look for better academic qualification in order to achieve their dreamt career after SPM/STPM. “It is a good strategy to continue your studies at university or college after SPM/STPM, as the sooner you earn your degree or diploma, the sooner you can enter the workforce and begin setting up life of your own”, he added.

Do not delay your decision, you need to remember that “your future starts today!”. Enrol for your studies at SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah located at Jalan Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu.

SIDMA College has prosper jubilantly over the years, and rapidly emerged as the one of few colleges in Sabah offering degree courses; in addition to its home-grown diploma programmes. Its’ technology and environment can support the ambitions and goals of students who want to create a brighter tomorrow. We at SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah aim to more than just teaching; together we strive to be “Champions of Change” and change is what drives us ALL to SUCCESS.

List of Academic Programmes offered at SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah for 2020 Academic Year are as follows:

  • Foundations in Arts and Social Science
  • Diploma Early Childhood Education
  • Diploma in Management
  • Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health
  • Bachelor in Management
  • Bachelor in Business Administration
  • Bachelor in Education
  • Bachelor in Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of English
  • Master in Management
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Application to SIDMA College UNIRAZAK Sabah can be done online through the following link:

SPM/STPM school leavers are also welcome to visit and register with SIDMA College Sabah located at Jalan Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu.

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Sunday, February 16th, 2020

Heartiest congratulations to all successful graduates of SIDMA College Sabah for your accomplishment at the 6th Convocation Ceremony on 15th February 2020 at ITCC, Penampang, Kota Kinabalu.  Well done! This is a proud moment for all of you, your supportive parents, family and friends and communities who have always been there till this graduation. There are countless individuals who have helped emotionally, financially, and in various non-tangible ways to make sure the success of this graduation. Let this convocation ceremony be the beginning of more significant and impactful achievements for you to contribute back to your family, community, and the nation.

The convocation ceremony were officiated by Malaysia’s Early Childhood Education specialist, Prof Dr. Bustam Kamri. He expressed his pleasure to be part of SIDMA College Sabah 6th Convocation for the 411 Diploma Early Childhood educators. He commended that it was an exciting day as it marks another milestone in the graduates’ life. He added “I am sure it is a day full of anticipation, expectation, hopes and dreams as graduating means that you are now more equipped to face the world compared with when you first started your studies with the college. The scroll alone may not guarantee you success, but with your new knowledge, skills and values in a multi-cultural and multinational environments that you been enriched with, it will, as you step up to face the new levels, provide the confidence to take on challenges that life has in store for you.

Dr. Bustam also congratulated Dr. Morni Hj Kambrie (Chairman and Founder of SIDMA College) for ensuring that the college possesses resources relevant to the needs of its students to embrace the creative digital economy as well as the 4th Industrial Revolution. He said that the best investment that can be made is the investment in education, as education raises the potential of the students through value added, which in turn raises the potential of the industries and economics to perform well.

Earlier, Prof Dr. Morni welcomed and congratulated Prof Dr. Bustam Kamri for his continuous passion, efforts and supports shown towards the college; as he has been ever willing to be with SIDMA College students, particularly during this auspicious event such as this, despite his busy schedule.

Dr. Morni also felt honoured and acknowledged all the graduates, lecturers, families and the communities who have worked tirelessly for this moment, and he thanked them as well as wishing them the best in their future endeavors. To all the graduates, he reminded them that they are now SIDMA College Alumni, and he hoped that they will be proud ambassadors of SIDMA College; and we look forward to their continuous support and contributions.

He also mentioned that SIDMA College  prides itself in being the first private institution of higher learning in Sabah, offering more than ten academics programmes ranging from Foundation Studies, Diploma Programmes, Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree in various field ranging from education to business, through its close network with Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) and University of Cyberjaya as well as its own homegrown programmes; offering various fields of studies which are tailored to complement and supplement the increasing demand of the growing economies of Malaysia from its diverse industries. SIDMA College cordially invites SPM / STPM or its equivalent school leavers to pursue their tertiary studies at SIDMA College Sabah.

During the convocation, graduate Mellsie Morius received the 2019 Top Student Award for demonstrating her outstanding academic performance throughout her studies as she has strong determination to complete her studies with excellence result. Meanwhile, student Helmina Peter Rospin was awarded the SIDMA 2019 Chairman’s Award. During her studies she has demonstrated her exemplary effort in various co-curricular and social welfare activities; as well outside activities, particularly with the National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN).

To all our graduates, may you always look back on this day as a memorable day of hope and promising life, and may it all be realised.

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Embracing the National Philosophy of Education in Teaching

Saturday, February 1st, 2020

Prof Dr Zaida Mustafa, Dean
, School of Education & Humanities, Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) joined Prof Dr Morni Hj Kambrie, (Chairman and Founder of SIDMA College) and took initiative to refresh and enrich teachers in Ranau District to embrace the National Philosophy of Education in their on-going effort towards further develop the potential of every individuals in their respective schools in a holistic and integrated manner. This to ensure that the schools produces individual who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically balanced and harmonic, based on a firm belief and devotion to God.

The programme which was jointly organised by Ranau District Education Department, SMK Mat Salleh Ranau, UNIRAZAK and SIDMA College Sabah was attended by more than 60 teachers from all the 10 secondary schools in Ranau at SMK Mat Salleh Conference Room, on 30 January 2020. The schools are: SMK Mat Salleh; SMK Ulu Sugut (Malinsau); SMK Timbua; SMK Ranau; SMK Matupang Jaya; SMK Lohan; SMK Kundasang, SMK Kemburongoh; SMK Bundu Tuhan; and SMK (A) Mohamad Ali.

Referring to the October 2011 comprehensive review of the education system in Malaysia in order to develop the National Educational Blueprint 2013-2025, the decision was made in the context of the raising international education standards, the Government’s aspiration of better preparing Malaysia’s children for the needs of the 21st century, and the increased public and parental expectations of education policy.

Dr Zaida oppugned the teacher’s efforts to educate the students who are physically, emotionally spiritually and cognitively balance, as on which component should they give more focus? In the same breath, she added that researches have shown that 50 % of the contributing factor to learning is students’ self-motivation.

According to Dr Zaida, the role of teachers have changed in recent times. It was once thought that effective teaching pedagogy was to entail strict discipline, rote learning and transmission of information. But effective teachers now are required to engage their students on thoughtful reflection, critical thinking, and self- awareness (Crebbin, 2004; Lunenberg, Korthagen, & Swennen, 2007).

During the session, Prof Dr Zaida discussed and shared with the teachers on the use of National Philosophy of Education in their classroom teaching to enhance the thinking skills of the students. During modern teaching, teachers act as facilitator or guide to encourage children to focus on the content and processes that they are engaged in. This requirement of philosophical thought to pay attention to both content and process reveals the highly meta-cognitive nature of students’ discussion (Silén, C., & Uhlin, L., 2008). The students are required to reflect on the quality of arguments offered by their group members, the meaning underling the argument they are making, and more (Lipman, 1991).

SMK Mat Salleh principal, Mr. Boy @ Sharif bin Francis on behalf of Ranau District Education Department as well Ranau secondary school Principals and teachers congratulated and thanked Prof Dr Zaida for the very fruitful sharing session.

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