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RM225,000 Allocated For Malaysia Astronautic Club In Primary Schools

Friday, June 26th, 2015

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AstroX President Captain Mohammed Faiz Kamaludin giving his speech at the launch.

CYBERJAYA June 26 (Bernama) — Malaysia Astronautical Association (AstroX) has launched the Astronautics Club Malaysia for 26 selected primary schools under the Ministry of Education with sponsoring from Bank Rakyat and Microsoft Malaysia totalling RM225, 000 here, today.

The objective of the club’s establishment is to increase science literacy among primary 4 to primary 6 students. Due to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) report that Malaysia’s science literacy among 14 year old students have declined by nearly 17% from 2003 to 2011 and Malaysia scored 510 in 2003, 471 in 2007, and 426 in 2011.

“From AstroX’s extensive research analysis, we have identified that students aged between 10 and 12 are the best candidates to help develop their interest in science. In addition, parents are supportive of cocurricular activities for their children. Astronautics and science is an important extension to their normal science subject in school,” said AstroX President Captain Mohammed Faiz Kamaludin at the launch.

2011 TIMSS report showed that Malaysia scored below the international average and was ranked 32nd out of 45 countries. TIMSS is a global assessment conducted every 4 years by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) on the knowledge of mathematics and science of 10 and 14 year old students.

“AstroX has a good track record in conducting CSR work in the field of astronautics and space science. We are the pioneer in this niche field and have collaborative projects with universities and colleges throughout Malaysia.

by Suriani Razali.

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