What are Some Good Personal Habits to Have?

Following is a list of some good habits you need to have.

Personal Hygiene: Personal cleanliness and hygiene is one of the determinant factors to a healthy life. A daily bath is the basic good habit that has to be inculcated in children from an early age. You need to maintain personal hygiene so that you can remain healthy.

Eat Healthy: Following a healthy and balanced diet is one of the good personal habits that you should have. Frequent consumption of junk foods and constant deviation in meal timings affect your health negatively. The most tempting  foods can be addictive and harmful. Follow a balanced diet. Do not skip meals. This good personal habit, if developed from childhood, is sure to be with the person for a lifetime.

Sleep Well: We all know the saying, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” We have heard of this, we think of this, but we seldom follow it. This simple statement says a lot about how a person’s lifestyle should b. By sleeping well, we do not mean to sleep for long hours. The statement rather implies that habit of going to bed early and rising early keeps you fit and fine. An eight-hour sleep is sufficient for a human being. Taking excess of it and sleeping late in the morning in bound to bring laze and ill health.

Exercise: Daily exercise is one of the most important personal habits that every single person needs to have. It is one habit that applies to every phase of life and it reaps plentifully. You need to understand the importance of daily exercise and start following it with dedication. It is absolutely necessary to find some time from your busy schedule and devote it to exercise.

Meditate: Along with making physical activity an integral part of daily life, mental exercise is equally important. Rather, I look at mental well being as the most vital factor factor to creating an environment conducive to thrive in. A daily habit of meditation is very helpful for one’s mental health. It helps you achieve mind control and peace of mind. It is beneficial in the fostering of a positive spirit in you. Making meditation a daily habit can actually lead to enhancement of your mental strength and make you feel happy.

Read: This is one personal habit that should be developed since childhood. Children need to be made to take interest in reading during their initial years of learning to read. Once a child develops the habit of reading, it is there to stay! Reading good books opens doors to new horizons and exposes a child to new experiences. Reading is one of the most effective ways through which a child learns the values of life. Moral stories are the most effective media of cultivating moral values in a child. Reading thus proves a very good personal habit that all of us should have.

Be Humane: This personal habit is the one that make you a human being. Humanity is one value that needs to be fostered since one’s early years. Develop a helpful nature. Man is a social animal and hence needs to take everyone along. Help the less fortunate ones, help them fight their difficulties, help them wear a smile on their face.

These were some of those good habits that you should have. The basic understanding of bad habits help you differentiate between the good and the bad. Make a habit of following everything that is positive. Cultivate every habit that fosters positivity. Adopt every principle that makes you a better human being.

By Manali Oak (2008).

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