Sharing a passion for fruits

Mother and grandmother Mohana Gill is fully aware of the challenges parents today face in getting their children to eat vegetables and fruits. She’s got a great solution for parents.

“It’s difficult when you’re dealing with kids. The minute you tell the child that they’ve got to eat this or they’ve got to do that, you’ve got a problem. So, I thought it would be nicer, in a fun kind of way, to give them a book to read about fruits and vegetables. If they understand the vegetables and fruits, they may want to try them,” says Mohana whose latest book – Hayley’s Fruitastic Garden - is now in bookstores.

The book is about a little girl named Hayley who finds a Fruitastic garden with her friend Zac. In the garden are many varieties of fruit. As Hayley and Zac discover the fruits, they learn tidbits about each fruit. The book also has fruity recipes for parents and kids to try out.

The whole idea is obviously to introduce fruits to children and encourage them to try out the recipes.

by Brigitte Rozario.

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