Sleep, wonderful sleep!

SLEEP is vital for the harmony of our mind, body and spirit. But many people do not slumber peacefully, judging by the spate of e-mails and calls I have received recently from readers suffering from broken sleep.

According to Vasthu Sastra principles – and Western science, too – decent slumber will assure one of rejuvenation and improved health and one will be more alert during the day.

I have written in previous columns that placing the head in the north with the legs pointing south invites terrifying dreams; this is the one direction we must avoid when sleeping. All other directions, with the head in the east, west or north, are favourable. However, despite keeping to the correct positions, some individuals continue to have bad dreams and wake up feeling scared, according to the queries I have received.

Although we cannot control dreams, there are ways in which we can prepare our bedrooms to prevent such occurrences.

To begin with, ensure that the space in which you sleep is only for that and is not used for other activities so that your mind always associates it with peace and tranquility. Try to avoid having a television, radio, mobile phone or computer in the bedroom, as the electromagnetic field (EMF) they generate creates strong energy stress, according to studies. If you cannot keep such items out of the bedroom, unplugging them from their electrical outlets can reduce their disturbance.

Have a salt crystal lamp lit in the room throughout the day and even when you go to sleep, as it can help remove stale energy, keep the air clean and create a relaxing atmosphere. Also, the light will help keep away unseen entities that are attracted to dark spaces. If you can’t sleep with a light on, have at least one lit elsewhere so your property is not in complete darkness.

If you are restless in bed and cannot get to sleep easily, soak your feet in warm salt water for 20 minutes, or take a salt water bath, before you slip under your blanket. Salt is a powerful anti-stress element that has been used since ancient times to clear fatigue and encourage relaxation. You can also try a bath into which a few drops of essential oils have been added; choose oils that promote relaxation.

Hang a dream catcher in your bedroom in a place where it will catch the morning light. This Native American item is widely used nowadays, as it is said to be able to “catch” bad dreams – they cannot find their way through the woven pattern and become trapped in the webbing, where the first light of day causes them to vanish. Good dreams, though, will get through and slide down the lowest-hanging feather to inspire the peaceful sleeper below.

Another highly recommended way of achieving a sound sleep is meditation. According to Vasthu Sastra, meditation can calm the mind and free it from anxiety, allow nerves and tired muscles to relax, and ease blood pressure. The exercise also taps the enormous hidden potential that we all have within us for self-healing. Meditating before sleep can slow our bodies and minds down to the point where we can easily fall asleep.

by T. Selva.

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