Demand for more international schools in Malaysia

THE Education Ministry will encourage local providers to increase the number of international schools in the country.

The demand for international schools is expected to increase due to the Greater Kuala Lumpur-National Key Economic Area’s target of increasing expatriates and the returning diaspora population.

International schools have been expanding at a rate of 10% over the past five years driven by a growth in the expatriate population.

The Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) has identified 10 providers for an expansion programme which will start next year. The progress of expansion and running marketing campaigns to engage new local and international providers will be monitored by a special team to be established by the Education Ministry.

The unit will also work together with the Higher Education Ministry, Human Resources Ministry, the Tourism Ministry, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) and Wisma Putra on marketing Malaysia as a destination of choice for private basic education.

The capital requirement which will amount to RM2.4bil over a period of 10 years will be sourced entirely from the private sector.

This iniative will generate RM2.6bil in gross national income in 2020 and will create approximately 10,000 jobs.

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