Strategic Education Plan For 2011-2020 To Be Outlined

KUALA LUMPUR:  A new strategic plan is being outlined for the Education Ministry as a continuation of the Education Development Master Plan (PIPP) which ends this year.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the ministry will ensure a stable plan for the period from 2011 to 2020 by implementing changes to achieve Vision 2020.

“Several initiatives were proposed for the plan such as upholding Bahasa Malaysia, strengthening the English language and early childhood education,” he said.

Besides mainstreaming VocTech, or vocational and technology education, other initiatives include smart sharing with the public, corporate sector, community and parents as well as innovation and creativity which will ensure that national education remains relevant, he said in reply to a question from Senator Noriah Mahat during a question-and-answer session at the Dewan Negara on Tuesday.

Wee said the education plan will drive towards human capital with knowledge and skills, cultural values, patriotism and competitiveness.

The PIPP, introduced in 2006, is a government initiative to come up with a world-class holistic, progressive and moral education system.

Six core strategies have been outlined in the plan which are to build the nation and the people, develop human capital, strengthen national schools, narrow down the educational gap, make teaching a prestigious profession and make excellence a culture in educational institutions.

“The ministry has focused on each core strategy so that all educators will be able to give the same attention to its implementation,” he added.


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