Education NKRA aims to enrich lives, says D-G

PETALING JAYA: The Education NKRA (National Key Result Area) will ensure that affordable, quality education is available to all as a means to improve lives, Education director-general Datuk Abdul Ghafar Mahmud said.

He said the Education NKRA was established to deliver a higher level of education and better student performance.

The NKRA, he said, was focused on holistic improvements on the students’ intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects.

“The improvement of students at all levels is important to develop excellent human capital, which will result in a skilled workforce, so we can achieve developed nation status by 2020,” he said.

Abdul Ghafar also said the quality of teachers was the catalyst in ensuring the excellence of a nation’s education system.

Under the Education NKRA, a two-pronged approach is implemented involving a quality headstart in education, as well as pushing for a performance culture in the education system.

There are four sub-NKRAs aimed at increasing the enrolment of pre-schoolers aged four and five, ensuring all regular schoolchildren can read and count after the first three years of school, developing High Perfor-mance Schools, and offering incentives to principals and headmasters based on the performance of their schools.

Abdul Ghafar said pre-school enrolment last year was 72.42%, exceeding the Government’s target of 72% among 1,500 pre-schools.

“Since January 2010, 315 (government) pre-schools have started operating, with an additional nine classes in longhouses in Sarawak and community centres in Sabah which have been opened since mid-June,” he said.

This year, 2,765 more pre-schools are expected to be opened.

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