Knowledge Visualization

Knowledge Visualization is a familiar aspect. Knowledge Visualization can be defined as representation of any product which can be seen and observed. Knowledge Visualization is a very simple form of learning. It is not necessary that this form of Learning is available on print but in today’s competitive world many sources like on electronic learning etc… have brought up different forms of learning.

It is been observed that brain remembers and grasp at rapid rate when the particular concept has been taken place live, when the eyes had witnessed the particular concept. There are various means to present Knowledge Visualization. Presenting information through sources like Sketches, Diagrams, Images and also pictorial information on computer is the perfect outline of Knowledge Visualization.

When there is Visual Communication it makes it easy to grasp the concept, which shows the perfect identification of the concept and also it becomes easy to share or discuss about the particular concept. Knowledge Visualization is most useful for the Sketchers, Architects and especially for the Urban Planners. One more important aspect of Visualization is that it catches attention, also inspires and also gives away a message through it. Knowledge Visualization improves the memorizing skill of brain by recalling it soon. Knowledge Visualization main source is to get some pictorial thing which gives a clear idea and information about the product.

For Knowledge Visualization below listed are the main objectives which complete the course.

  • Outline
  • Diagram
  • Object
  • Interactive Visualizations

There should be proper graphics presented when one has to use Knowledge Visualization as a learning mode. Knowledge Visualization lacks one factor that is; it does not provide the detailed information about the product. For Instance: If the learner wants information on micro organism, Learner may get the image related to it but he may not be able to visualize the actual function of the organism. It has been seen that many Learners prefer to gain information or Knowledge by Visualization.

by Dinoo Nayal

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