LINUS moving on the right track

PUTRAJAYA: The Literacy and Numeracy (LINUS) programme, which was introduced as a focus area of the Education National Key Results Area (NKRA) of the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), aims to provide a strong foundation in basic literacy and numeracy skills within the first three years of primary school education for all Malaysian children.

The programme conducts a screening process three times a year to identify students who face difficulties in reading, writing and basic arithmetic.

They are then enrolled in either a LINUS-dedicated remedial class to improve their performance or a Special Education programme for those that have learning disabilities.

This approach has been designed to quickly identify problems at the early stage and rectify them before the students fall behind their peers.

In 2010, the programme aimed to achieve both literacy and numeracy rates of 90% for the then-Primary 1 students.

While the literacy target fell short by 5%, the numeracy target exceeded the original aim with a 91% rate.

This year, the Primary 2 students have been set an increased target of 95 percent literacy and numeracy, while the current Primary 1 students must continue to uphold the strong results of 90% set for their cohort this year.

To date, based on the 2 screenings done in March and June, Primary 2 students have already exceeded their 95% target, with a 95% for literacy rate and 97% for numeracy rate in the second screening. Primary 1 students have also shown some strong improvements, achieving a literacy rate of 83% and a numeracy rate of 97%.

by Noel Chang.

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