Understanding Gen-Y

School counsellors and teachers learn tips on how to reach out to students at a lively workshop.

IF YOU are a school counsellor, getting your students to open up about their troubled pasts or life problems can be anything but an easy task.

They are either too embarrassed or intimidated by the prospects of divulging their woes and aspirations to a school teacher.

Lack of trust and loss of self-confidence are the common reasons that could be holding your students back from communicating openly and effectively during a counselling session.

However, as a counsellor, there are many things that you can do to help put your mentees at ease.

Paying close attention to details often pays off, said Applied Scholastics trainer Punitha Krishnan.

“Get up and look around. Is the colour of your counselling room too bright? Is the colour of your lipstick too distracting?” she asked.

“You should not be ‘interesting’. Instead, you should be ‘interested’ (in helping your students),” she said at a workshop recently.

by Tan Ee Loo

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