Vocational, Technical Education No Longer Second Class – Nor Mohamed

PUTRAJAYA:  Vocational and technical education are no longer regarded as second class, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

He said parents and students should discard their negative perception of vocational and technical education which currently provided lucrative jobs throughout the world.

The minister said the government was carrying out efforts to make vocational and technical education the preferred choice of many top students, like what was happening in the developed countries.

“It is no longer second-class education but has become mainstream education, especially in the developed countries. The government wants more students to take up this field,” he said after the launching of the second phase of the 1Malaysia Training Scheme, here, Thursday.

Nor Mohamed said the government was providing wider opportunities for school leavers in the vocational and technical fields to further their studies to the equivalent of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and doctorate level.

“Students are exposed to vocational subjects and can choose the field as early as age 13 when they are in Form One.”

He said studies had shown that only 10 per cent of school students in this country chose vocational education, which was small, compared to other countries like Germany at 59 per cent, Australia (62 per cent), the Netherlands (68 per cent), Indonesia (51 per cent), Thailand (41 per cent) and South Korea (28 per cent).


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