How to Memorize Formulas Quickly

Hazed out when you see those equations on paper? It is time to put your mind to test and solve those equations and math problems, but all that you remember is a floating palate of formulas. You just don’t seem to get the exact equation. But this is normal (unless you are among those deliberately avoiding math!). For some, a sharp mind and concrete memory comes as a blessing. Some have to develop this capacity in them. With a little will power, concentration and tricks, memorizing formulas will be fun. So math, physics and other geeky subjects will no longer require nights of mugging topped with tension, fear and anxiety! Learning and understanding formulas may be tough in the beginning, as each individual has his/her own rate of grasping things. Irrespective of your IQ and memorizing capacities, you should first remove all the fear that is stored as a tag line to these formulas. Sure the many signs and numbers can scare your mind at first, but once you get rid of the fear about them, learning will be more easy. The following segment of the article has simple tips and techniques that can help you with memorizing formulas easily.

Easy Ways to Memorize Formulas Quickly

We have some simple tricks, and among these a few may sound silly to some of you. But irrespective of their stupidity, they work. So no harm in giving them a try. Here we go…

  • Point number one, which most of us ignore. Pay attention when these formulas are being taught and discussed. This is the basic. The human brain is curious about anything new, so it is most likely if you try to understand the formula when it is being newly taught, it is going to stay in the mind easily.
  • A traditional way of how to memorize formulas is to repeat and read the formula over and over again, till it gets fixed in your mind. Writing down the formula many times also helps to remember it. So read or write the formula till it is concrete in your brain.
  • Understand the formation of the units, equations or signs in the formula. If you observe and analyze by dividing it in sets as the formula progresses to the answer, you will be able to understand the formula deeply, and not just remember it by mugging.
  • Relate the formula with something that you can easily remember. For example even in complex and long formulas, where you have to parrot the formula, you can use this trick. Associate the numbers, operands, and variables to certain elements, that are non mathematical. Like the alphabets can stand as names of flowers, animals, food, and toys. In fact anything that you can easily remember.
  • Then once you name each of the units in the formula, visualize a short story, the way the formula progresses. Once you segment the formula well in a story, put it back slowly understanding what came after which sign or alphabet. This may sound funny, but it works.
  • Mentally scribble the formula in your head. Close your eyes and visualize a blank platform. Keeping the eyes closed, try to visualize writing the formula in this blank space in your mind. As if you are writing with your memory.
  • A simple option is to see the formulas whenever and wherever possible. Make small notes, post it or write it down on paper and stick this on the fridge, the table, your room, next to anything that you are most likely to see the whole day.
  • Never memorize formulas at one glance and sleep at night, thinking it will seep into the brain. You cannot skip repeating the formula to learn it. Unless you have super powers or are a super genius, one look at the formula cannot help you remember it.
  • Pick up the key units or alphabets in the formula, and then start filling them in between. This may get confusing in the beginning. But once you locate the key, you can unlock the rest of the formula easily.
  • Learn the formula in a specific pattern. It can be a specific rhyme or tune that you can learn it in. This will help the brain collect it the way it is, as soon as you start recalling it in the same tune or rhyme. You can also learn it in the form of a game or math riddles and puzzles.
  • Always keep your tummy well fed before you sit down to study. Hunger and thirst is a big distraction to the brain. (**do not fill your tummy to the extent that you fall asleep**).
  • Keep a positive attitude and mindset. Relax yourself and take a deep breath. Convince yourself that this is not impossible and you can do it.

These were some simple and basic techniques to memorize formulas.

by Dhanashree Patane.

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