Looking back and looking forward

It is that time of year again when everyone is making resolutions for next year. After all, tradition dictates that every 365 days, we look back at how bad, or good, we have been and make a promise to ourselves to be better.

I’d like to know, though, do people even remember their resolutions, let alone fulfil them?

“I always forget what I had resolved to do in the first week of the new year,” a friend intimated.

She’s not alone. Studies have been made of people and their resolutions. For instance, a recent study overseas showed that while 52 per cent of respondents were confident of success with their goals, only 12 per cent actually achieved their goals. Another study by the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom showed that 78 per cent of those who set New Year resolutions, broke them.

Whether or not Malaysians share similar behaviour and traits remains to be seen because I have not come across any studies on this. But, statistically, I dare generalise that people are  prone not to stick to their resolutions.

We are glib to respond to questions about our New Year resolutions because nobody wants to feel left out. But, the reality is that we are simply not serious about them.

Unless, of course you are a politician, a businessman, a celebrity or a chief executive officer, for obvious reasons.

Most of us make resolutions to better our health and financial situations. Others, in relationships and their social life in general. If we fail, hey, that’s okay, we’ll make them again the next year.

Take Jeff Brazier of the Daily Mirror. He has made what I deem to be  achievable resolutions such as promising to pay more attention to his sons’ education after assessing their academic performance.

“After reading the boys’ end of term report cards, I could see they have both done well but there is lots I can do too at home to reinforce what they learn at school,” wrote Brazier who listed seven resolutions in his column.

by Nuraina Samad.

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