Team Building Activities for Students

Sometimes, in your school and professional life, you may be asked to work in a team of students or professionals. There is a lot of difference in working individually and in a team. While working in a team you should be able to respect the knowledge and abilities of your fellow team members. You should have the ability to make a compromise, sometimes as only one suggestion will be finally accepted. Tolerance is the key to success in a teamwork. Professionalism is important in the sense that you should not favor any particular team member just because you have a friendly relationship with him. Punctuality is very vital because the project on which we are working can get delayed if all members are not present at the decided time for work. This will ultimately result in the loss of all members of the team. All students should equally contribute in the process of completing the task. If a certain student remains as a mere spectator while working, he will not learn the basics of the task and will face serious difficulties while working on complicated tasks. Team leadership should be entrusted to a responsible and talented person who has exceptional leadership qualities. Students should learn to keep their personal life and professional life apart. Frustration and feeling of hatred for fellow team members, can seriously affect the quality of the output.

Team Building Activities For School Students
Students will be able to work efficiently in a team in their respective careers, if they have good experiences of the same in schools. Here are some activities which can help in achieving our goals:

Obstacle Game
The obstacle game is widely used in the physical training sessions in schools. It is a good example of team building activity. In this game, different items referred to as ‘obstacles’ are arranged and students are asked to jump over, walk around or duck under them. At least two teams of students play this game. One member from each team is blindfolded and he receives instructions from the other team members about how to proceed. Team leaders should give specific and precise instructions after studying the exact height, length and width of the obstacles. The team which does the task correctly for more times wins the game. Teachers are expected to supervise the game and give suggestions to the students to improve their game. This brilliant athletic course will help the blindfolded participant and supporting members to develop the qualities of interpreting information, presence of mind, concentration and stamina.

Participating in Cultural and Extra Curriculum Activities
Students should be encouraged to participate in the different cultural and sport related activities. Participating in a drama or stage play is a good platform for the students to prove their talents. Making a good drama or short film requires a good understanding between the scriptwriter, director, technicians, and all other people associated with the project. This helps to inculcate values like hard work, team spirit and perseverance. Sports like cricket, basketball, football, hockey make the children pay careful attention and visualize things in a proper way. Performing practices in a group, participating in school decoration during festivals, conducting research, visiting a place as a part of an educational tour, develop team building abilities of students.

Some More Team Building Activities For Students
Tug of war is the classic example of team building exercises. Some mental exercises, like concentration games in a group of four or five children, will help in developing ability to remember things.

Team Building Activities For College Students
College students of engineering, medical and management colleges need to work in teams during their college days and later as employees. Engineering students should participate in quiz, paper presentation programs and project presentations. Science students should attend seminars of reputed organizations and institutes together, and get their doubts cleared from the faculties available. These activities develop the overall personality of students. Teamwork makes the process, of completing the allotted work, interesting.

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