Science Activities for Preschoolers

It is very rightly said, that there’s no age for education and it applies to humans right from a very young age. Preschoolers or toddlers from the age group of 2 to 5 years are in a very vulnerable age. This is the best age group, when they are the most inquisitive and curious about so many things. They want to know everything that is happening around them, which are the different colors, tastes, smells and creatures that are present. Science is something that is present all around us and everything in nature has a reason for its existence. Thus, there are many science activities for preschoolers which are used to test their intelligence and the ways that these children react to certain smells and tastes. If you’re looking for such science activities for preschool kids either in your family or school, take a look at the following ideas which might be useful.

Science Activities For Preschool Kids

In science, there are a few basic fields like biology, physics and chemistry. You wouldn’t expect a preschooler to know what these are, but when you classify science activities for them, it is important to show them the difference. Thus we here, have tried to make an attempt in listing out a few science activities for preschoolers from the three basic subjects of science. Thus, read on to find out the various fun as well as educative activities, which can be very useful to teach preschoolers the basics of science. More on school activities and science activities for kids.

Biology literally means the study of life, which includes both plants and animals. When you have to teach preschoolers about the biology around them, you can’t teach them the complicated names and classification they have. All you have to tell them is how to recognize a plant or an animal, by appearance, colors, habits and sometimes food. These activities can be making crafts of plants and animals like;

  • Butterfly
  • Frog
  • Snail
  • Bat
  • Birds
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Rabbit
  • Flowers
  • Fruit trees

These easy crafts can be made out of paper or cardboard. This is a fun activity, as all these plants and animals have various shapes, sizes and colors so the kids find it very exciting to make as well as color them. You can also take your preschoolers to a zoo or a garden to make them aware of all these creatures and plants that exist around them, and they will be happy to learn about it, as they are very curious in this age. More on kids’ art activities.

Physics on the other hand deals with all the shapes and sizes present in nature. Kids also love to ask questions about the nature and its components. Thus, if you want to teach them something about physics, you can perform these experiments in the form of a magic show to excite them a little bit. These fun science activities for preschoolers can be;

  • Reflection of light
  • Air Experiments with the help of balloons
  • How is color produced
  • Various shapes present
  • Various types of rocks
  • What is magnet?
  • Experiments for Static Electricity
  • Physical changes that occur in daily life
  • Constructing shapes with origami

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Another essential part of science is the subject of chemistry. There are chemical changes which are taking place all around us, every sec of our lives. You can carry out these chemical experiments also to make your preschoolers understand what is happening around them. Some chemical activities you can perform are;

  • Water forms (solid, liquid and gas)
  • Density of air and water by using eggs
  • Why liquids mix?
  • Absorption and Adsorption with sponge
  • Senses like hearing, feel, eyesight
  • Popcorn making
  • Volcano eruptions
  • Chemical change experiments

There are many more science activities for preschoolers which you can demonstrate to them at home or at school.

by Apama Jadhav.

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