Preparing for Exams.

According to Justin Capasso one thing that everyone says about preparing for an exam is to prepare for it early. This is by far the best possible suggestion, however how do you do this?

If you find that rereading notes to be a complete bore, and the more you read, the harder it is to focus – Justin Capasso suggests the following to deal with your studying.

1.   At least one week before your exam:

  • Pull out some blank paper and your notes.
  • Rewrite your entire set of notes on blank or lined paper.
  • This is the first step to making the connections in your brain. This should take two or three hours depending on how fast you write.

2.   On the next night:

  • Pull out the notes you rewrote as well as three highlighters (red, yellow and green).
  • Read through your notes, and while reading, highlight your notes in these three colours. Green means that you understand the concept, yellow means that you sort of understand the concept and red means that you are totally lost.

3.   The goal over the next five days :

  • To turn your red items into yellow and eventually green.
  • The same goes for your yellow items – you want to make them green.
  • End each study session by reading over your rewritten notes – or the notes you took in class.
  • Remember, you have only five days, so concentrate on a few items per night.
  • Don’t forget about the green items, you should still read over them; you just do not need to spend as  much time.

4.  On the day of the exam:

  • Gather your rewritten notes and your notes from class.
  • Most of the items on your rewritten notes should be ‘green’.
  • Anything that is not should be reviewed first.
  • Read through your class notes once, as well as your rewritten notes.
  • Stop studying at least fifteen minutes before the exam; if you do not know it by then, you will not know it on the exam. Give your brain a few minutes rest before you start.

Pangeacat suggests the following to help you to prepare for those nerve-wracking exams  ….

1.   Always make sure you get enough good, restful sleep the night before:

  • Socializing is great, and ultimately important for human development. Still, if  you want to do well on that test, it’s best to make sure you’ve made time to rest, relax, and clear your head for the day to come.

2.  Worrying about the test won’t help you succeed at all.

  • This will be the most difficult for most people to overcome, but try to erase the worry from your mind.
  • Realize that you CAN do this, and, know that one bad grade isn’t the end of the world anyway.

3.   If your teacher give you a study guide – use it:

  • The teacher knows exactly what will be on the test. If your teacher tells you that you need to know ……… that’s what you should be focusing on.

4.   Assuming you have one of the many teachers who simply says, “know about everything we’ve discussed thus far.”

  • Spend the majority of your study time focusing on those things which have given you the most trouble.

5.   The morning of the test, be sure to eat a good breakfast:

  • Weve all heard that breakfast is most important meal of the day. Well, test day is not the time to try and prove those experts wrong.

6.   If your test preparation has you studying from a book:

  • Get some small post-its to easily “mark” pages that you’ll need to study from more extensively.
  • On those post-its, make small notes about which paragraph, quote, or theme on that page you’ll need to focus on more.

7.   If possible, join a study group specifically devoted to your subject of interest:

  • Two heads are always better than one, three is better than two, and so on.
  • If a study group isn’t available option for you, peers/friends and family can still be immeasurably helpful if they’re willing to use their evening/afternoon/ etc to help you understand the material.

8.   Last, but not least – Relax:

  • If you’ve studied, and paid attention in class, you are going to be fine.
  • The exams are really only there to find out if you’ve gained the necessary knowledge from the material you’ve been presented with.
  • Chances are, unless you’ve been partying every night and skipping classes – you have gained that knowledge!

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