Preschool Graduation Ideas

Preschool graduation is an exciting and momentous time in the life of not only the little tots but also of parents. Preschool graduation is a ceremony to say good-bye to the preschool and move on to the next level of education. A preschool graduation, an important occasion, should be made a memorable milestone in the life of the preschoolers.

Preschool teachers along with a few willing parents could make this preschool graduation ceremony a memorable event. Preschool graduation marks the end of “baby years” and the beginning of the next twelve years of real school life.

There are many preschool graduation ideas that create an impact in the young mind of the little ones. To begin with, the class-teachers could send an invitation for the preschool graduation party. There would be a few mothers who would be more than willing to help the teachers in decorating the class with balloons and silver papers. Like the teachers, parents would also want to make this event a great success.

Teachers should not forget to distribute graduation caps to the little ones. If there is ample time, personalized graduation caps could be made by the teachers who are good with handicrafts.

All parents would be looking forward to is a preschool graduating certificate. The teachers, along with the head of the institution, could arrange for a real graduation ceremony. Children should be made to line up and the class teachers could call the name of each student. The little ones would shake hands with the head of the institution before collecting his or her certificate. This would give the youngsters a sense of importance and achievement!

A photo session is a must after the distribution of the certificates. The parents would like to possess a copy of their kid’s preschool graduation photo. A preschool graduation photo would make a wonderful memento to be treasured lifelong.

Party and celebrations would immediately follow the photo session. Teachers can arrange for games like musical chair, pin the tail on the donkey, word games, dancing and much more. Preschool graduation celebration is not complete without music and songs. There are many preschool graduation songs that are easy to learn and good to hear.

Parents would not mind contributing for a preschool graduation cake. A celebration is not complete without a generous helping of cake and a few snacks. The school can arrange a caterer to supply sandwiches or pizzas along with cup cakes. The children would be delighted by the whole celebration.

Another preschool graduation idea is givi9ng small gifts to children at the end of the party. Many little ones would treasure a small gift the school gives them. Fill a favor bag with gift items such as crayon sets, key chains, soft toys, coloring books, rulers, pencils and so on. Ask the students to close their eyes and pick one gift from the favor back.

by Maya Pillai.

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