Math Activities for Preschoolers

These days, kids are growing up so fast that it has become difficult to match up to them at times. I have a niece who is 3½, and is so brilliant that, at times, I question myself,”Was I that smart and understanding when I was her age?” Every time I look at her, she comes home from preschool and tells me all that has happened over the week, it actually makes me feel that at her age, she might just be one of the most intelligent kids I’ve come across. And the reason behind this is, that kids nowadays are being challenged, more so that they are developing their brains at such an incredible rate, that we have to catch up to them. They have to learn so many different things like letters, alphabets, names of animals, vegetables, and fruits, art and music, mathematics, identify colors, shapes, and objects, numbers, and so much more. Keeping that in mind, we have put together this article which concentrates on fun math activities for preschoolers to do at home and in school. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get right to it.

Preschool Mathematics Activities

In the following section, we have listed some fun, interesting, and educational games related to math. Whether you are at home or in school, these math activities will definitely get them excited every time.

Leaping Frog
First of all, you will require an open space where you can lay a blue and a green tarp to substitute as a pond and lily pads, respectively. Place the lily pads across the pond (close to one another so that the kids can jump from one lily pad to another). You will have the kids line up and one by one, each kid will jump from one lily pad to the next. As he/she does so, they have to count the number of lily pads they crossed. This way, each kid will get a chance to be a frog and their counting revision can also be done. When there are more kids doing this activity, you can also have them count as the “frog” jumps from lily pad to another.

Nursery Rhyme
We will require help from a nursery rhyme – One, Two, Buckle My Shoe. Here’s what you need to do. According to the rhyme – One, two, buckle my shoe. Three, four, close the door. Five, six, pick up sticks. Seven, eight, lay them straight. Nine, ten, a big fat hen. Now, as you sing this rhyme, hold that many objects in your hand and have the kids count them.

Addition and Subtraction
If you are searching for some fun problem solving activities, then here’s one they’ll love. Take a big box and mark it as “Treasure Box” or “Cashier’s Box”. For this addition and subtraction activity, you can use any items such as crayons, chocolates, balls, toys, etc. Now, have the kids gather around, place the box and the items in front of them. Have one kid say a number. Let’s say if he/she said 4, then you will add 4 items inside the box. Then, another kid will say another number, like 7. So you will ask them that there are already 4 items inside the box. How many more items you need to add in order to get the number to 7. One by one, the kids can say numbers and this way you can explain the addition and subtraction calculations to them.

Printing Numbers
Have the kids watched the movie 101 Dalmatians? If not, then you need to have them watch this movie. One, the movie will help with this activity and two, it’s a great kids’ movie. What you need to do is copy the dalmatian pattern on blank papers. Now for the spots on the dog patterns, leave blank circles with no color. Write down numbers on the paper, next to the pattern. Depending on the number of kids in school, you will write those numbers. Have each kid hold a crayon and copy the number written on the paper and print it inside the blank circles. Once they are finished, all the spots will have numbers printed on.

by Sheetal Mandra.

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