Call to abolish remove classes

KUALA LUMPUR: AN education organisation has called on the government to abolish the remove classes aimed at helping students from vernacular schools transition to Form One.

The Educational Research and Welfare Foundation (EWRF), which has conducted a study into the one-year remove classes, found that they were largely ineffective in helping students from Tamil or Chinese vernacular schools overcome the Bahasa Malaysia language barrier before they enter national secondary schools.

Prof Dr N.S. Rajendran, the study’s taskforce head, said the weaknesses of the classes stemmed from poor implementation and a failure to distinguish between genuinely weak students and those who simply had not mastered Bahasa Malaysia.

“There were many situations where students who scored grade A and B for all other subjects, but failed to get a minimum grade of C for Bahasa Malaysia, who were asked to attend remove classes.

“Many of these students feel disillusioned and unmotivated as they are seen as slow learners and underachievers,” he said at the EWRF’s delegates’ conference yesterday.

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