SIDMA College – Towards Improving Quality Teaching and Learning

As SIDMA College continues to improve teaching and learning to produce graduates who are knowledge users and fully equipped with problem solving and critical thinking skills; its lecturers are constantly encouraged to apply teaching techniques that can inculcate meaningful learning among their students, and thus able to join the workforce and to solve real life problems.

In-line with this development, Human Resource Department, SIDMA College organized a Professional Teaching and Learning Workshop at Palace Hotel, Kota Kinabalu from 21st to 22nd June 2012; for all it’s teaching staff; focusing on the quality of teaching, learning and communication between lecturers and students during lecture.

Six topics were presented, discussed and actively debated by all participants during the two-day workshop. The topics are:

i. Creative Thinking Skills:
By Dr.Tan Choon Keong.

ii. Teaching and Learning Styles:
By Dr. Lee Kean Wah.

iii. Effective Communication Strategies 1:
By Ms Ng Shi Ing.

iv. Effective Communication Strategies 2:
by Ms Ng Shi Ang.

v. Teaching for Active Learning:
by Dr. Lee Kean Wah.

vi. Mentoring and Coaching Skills:
By Dr. Tan Choon Keong.

The whole two-day workshop was lively with activities and exchange of experiences between the trainers and the participants.

Prof. Dr. Morni Hj. Kambrie, CEO, SIDMA College, during his welcoming remark thanked the trainers who are ever willing to share their experiences and knowledge with our lecturers. He also advised SIDMA staff to immerse fully in the two day workshop, exchange experiences with the professional trainers and to adopt related knowledge during their lecture sessions with our students.

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