Sabah Education Plan.

Sabah State Education Department’s Five – Year Strategic Development Plan (2007-2011) – “SMART ACTION GOLDEN ACHIEVEMENT” (SAGA) was launched by the Director of Education, Datuk Normah Gagoh on 31 January 2007. SAGA was formulated based on the evaluation of the success of its forerunner, “BEYOND EXCELLENCE” (BE) 2000 – 2005 which ended in 2005.


To become an excellent organisation in the management of education services in Malaysia by 2011.


To provide the best education services to all educators through quality and effective management towards forming an excellent generation.


  • To develop human capital;
  • To consolidate administration, management and leadership in the field of education;
  • To uplift the status of the teaching profession;
  • To make the use of ICT and media a culture;
  • To strengthen the system of assessment and evaluation;
  • To upgrade the effectiveness of school inspection.

SAGA is inline with Vision 2020 – the National Mission and the National Education Development Blueprint (2006-2010) on developing human capital with First – Class Mentality.

The critical concern is how to¬†employ effective means to improve students development in order to promote “First-Class Mentality” – and thus to improve the Malaysian HDI.

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