With royalty and rock, Britain opens its Olympics.

FIREWORKS enlighten the Olympics. –Photo taken from london2012.com

LONDON: The queen and James Bond gave the London Olympics a royal entrance like no other Friday in an opening ceremony that rolled to the rock of the Beatles, the Stones and The Who, Associated Press reported.

And the creative genius of Danny Boyle spliced it all together.

Brilliant. Cheeky, too.

The highlight of the Oscar-winning director’s $42 million show was pure movie magic, using trickery to make it seem that Britain’s beloved 86-year-old Queen Elizabeth II had parachuted into the stadium with the nation’s most famous spy.

A short film showed 007 driving up to Buckingham Palace in a black London cab and, pursued by her majesty’s royal dogs – Monty, Willow and Holly, playing themselves – meeting the queen, who played herself.

“Good evening, Mr. Bond,” she said.

They were shown flying in a helicopter over London landmarks and a waving statue of Winston Churchill – the queen in a salmon-colored gown, Bond dashing as ever in a black tuxedo – to the stadium and then leaping out into the inky night.

At the same moment, real skydivers appeared in the skies over the stadium throbbing to the James Bond soundtrack. And moments after that, the monarch appeared in person, accompanied by her husband Prince Philip.

Organizers said it was thought to be the first time the monarch has acted on film.

“The queen made herself more accessible than ever before,” Boyle said.

OLYMPIC RINGS assembled above the stadium. Photo by Associated Press

In the stadium, Elizabeth stood solemnly while a children’s choir serenaded her with “God Save the Queen,” and members of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force raised the Union Jack.

THE WIDE VIEW OF THE STADIUM. –Photo taken from xinhuanet.com

SHOW TIME: Rehearsals have taken place over the last week to ensure everything is ready for the Opening Ceremony Photo: AFP

The boat is being piloted by David Beckham who played an important role in bringing the Games to London and has been a big supporter ever since. Carrying the Torch on the boat is Jade Bailey, a young footballer tipped to become one of the sporting stars of the future. It set off from Tower Bridge to make its way to the Olympic Stadium.– Photo taken from london2012.com

INTERIOR VIEW of the Olympic Stadium. –Photo taken from london2012.com

EXTERIOR VIEW of the Olympic Stadium and the Aquatics Centre are lit up during the Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Park on 27 July. –Photo taken from london2012.com

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