‘School’ a hit with young patients

KUALA LUMPUR: WHEN she heard of the school-in-hospital programme last year, 37-year- old Azura Sulaiman wasted no time in applying to teach  young patients.

Azura, who used to teach in a government primary school, now finds Ampang Hospital her second home, teaching English to about 20 students a day, most of them suffering from chronic diseases such as leukaemia and cancer.

She is one of four teachers involved in the programme, the the brainchild of deputy prime minister’s wife Puan Sri Noorainee Abdul Rahman, who visited the hospital yesterday in conjunction with its first anniversary.

Ampang school-in hospital supervisor, Linda Tai Shan Lian, 55, said the students in the hospital were always cheerful in class since they had activities to take part in, instead of just staying in the wards.

“The school has built up students’ confidence as they are not left behind when they return to school,” said the Science teacher, adding that there were also co-curricular activities.

The pilot programme introduced in three hospitals, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Ampang Hospital and Serdang Hospital, has recorded an unexpected turnout of 6,550 children in one year.

by Rachel Rigi.

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