What is a Good Thesis Statement

If you are new to the academic world, the word thesis must be a recent addition to your vocabulary and pretty much the only thing that you will be thinking about if you are pursuing a doctorate. A PhD thesis is an original research paper, which is culmination of years of painstaking study, that proves a new line of thought and backs it up with evidence and research. A thesis might also be the culmination of a short research project, which extends for a year and is required for the completion of postgraduate programs. One of the most important parts of this extended research essay is a thesis statement.

What is a Thesis Statement?

Before going ahead, let us first see what a thesis statement is expected to be. Thesis statements are important parts of any research thesis or dissertation. They set the tone of your thesis and summarize what you have proved or unproved in a thesis. A thesis statement is the condensed overview of all that you prove and how you prove in your research thesis.

Qualities of A Good Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the short text at the beginning of your thesis, that makes a first impression on the mind of the person who reads your thesis. This short piece which is a detailed summary of your research, is representative of your line of thought and is a sort of a map of the whole argument you present in your thesis. Writing thesis statement is best done after you have finished writing all of your arguments. As, then you have a total understanding of what you have done and how you have done it. A good thesis statement is good in its own way, but most of the bad thesis statements have similarities. Goodness is not defined generally with absolute parameters and it can be relative but still, one can at least underline the essential things that are required in a thesis statement.

Place the Hitherto Unsolved Problem
The first few lines must cover the hitherto unsolved problem, that you have tried to solve in the thesis or an accepted hypothesis which you are disproving or a new revelation which takes a prevalent line of thought further. Whatever may be the case, state the conundrum which you have solved.

Outline your Solution or Argument
Once you have talked about the problem, then outline the anatomy of the solution you offer and guide the reader through your process of research, that led you to a new solution or conclusion. A persuasive thesis statement deftly avoids the pitfalls of the arguments which support your conclusions.

Be Precise
I do not think that precision as an idea needs to be defined for you, as it is one of the characteristics of not just a good thesis statement but a concept that guides your research. Theories can be proved or disproved by either being precise in their results or not being so. Precision in description of your line of thought, that you present in your thesis statement reflects how minutely you have thought about every aspect of the problem and its solution.

Economy of Words
This is an important quality of a good thesis statement. Economy of words and subtlety are much appreciated by a thesis advisor. Anybody could say what they want by writing tomes, but to say all that in a few words is a skill. Try to be subtle in placing your arguments.

No Cliches
So, do not make ‘cliche’ starts that make the thesis statement boring.

by Omkar Phatak.

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