How to Reference a Website

Using quotes makes you look quite a reader and ‘well aware’ of things, but what you really need to know when giving a reference or citation is how to give credit to the source. Here, we will learn about referencing a website in different formats, so read about the same in the different sections of this article.

To start with, I would just like to say that while giving reference, you have to mention all the obvious things that come to your mind while you are reading something from somewhere, like the name of the author, the website, the address or the link of the web page, the date of publication or when the reference has been taken, etc. In short, all the logical things that anyone would look for and need if he or she wishes to go to that particular source of information, need to be mentioned. While knowing the way of referencing a website or any other material; will sure save you from plagiarism issues, but along with that, you will really be helping your reader too by providing the details. The reader can always go and refer to the source for additional and more detailed information.

The popular and most recognized ways of referencing something are the MLA and APA formats. So find information on referencing a website in both the formats under the following subheads. Though they are quite similar, there are some minor differences in both these formats of providing citations.

Referencing a Website using the MLA Format

Author’s Name
Modern Language Association of America is what MLA stands for and you need the name of the author, which should be written starting with the surname of the author and then the name. Speaking of the alignment, this has to placed on the left hand side of your page.

Please keep in mind to put a period, i.e. a comma, in this particular case after mentioning the author’s last name. For example:

Earnest, Torque

Web Page Title
After the name of the author comes the title of the web page, separated by a period, a full stop in this case. The title has to be in the double inverted commas. For example:

Earnest, Torque. “Best Animation Schools”

After having mentioned the title of the web page, i.e. the particular article or write-up you have referred too, comes the website that has posted it. And again here it has to be separated with a period, a space in this case. Remember, both are different things, the title and the website. So it would like the following:

Earnest, Torque. “Best Animation Schools”

Variations you can apply here are:

Earnest, Torque. “Best Animation Schools”

Earnest, Torque. “Best Animation Schools”

Publishing Date
Follow the DD/MM/YY format for mentioning the publishing date of the article.

Earnest, Torque. “Best Animation Schools” 13 Jan 2011 OR
Earnest, Torque. “Best Animation Schools” 13 January 2011

This section is optional and is valid in case of academic websites only. The name of the publisher has to follow the publishing date, like shown below.

Earnest, Torque. “Best Animation Schools” 13 January 2011: Publisher’s Name

Date of Reference
Mention the date of reference when you took the reference from the website. This will serve two purposes. One, the reader will come to know how old the article is and secondly, in case the writer or the website owner has made any alterations in the article, you will be saved from the allegations of infringement of intellectual property rights, if any.

Earnest, Torque. “Best Animation Schools” 13 January 2011: Publisher’s Name 14 Jan 2011

The Link
Earnest, Torque. “Best Animation Schools” 13 January 2011: Publisher’s Name 14 Jan 2011 “”

Referencing a Website in APA Format

APA stands for American Psychological Association and knowing how to cite a website in this particular format, I would just illustrate the same with an example, contrary to the step by step process as given above. So here is the format followed by the example:

Author’s Surname, Author’s Name (Publishing Date) Title of the Article MM/DD/YY “”

Earnest, Torque (2011) Best Animation Schools 01/14/11 “”

by Torque Earnest.

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