Teachers get training on a new topic

AN AWARENESS programme on human trafficking and migrant smuggling initiated in February has trained 350 teachers so far.

In view of the numerous cases of human trafficking involving women, schoolgoing children and teens, it was only apt that teachers were invited as participants to attend such training.

The organisers — the National Council of Women’s Organisations Malaysia (NCWO) and education authorities were keen that teachers be trained simply because of the number of young people who were becoming targets and being lured into such activities.

The council’s deputy head Datuk Faridah Khalid said the objective of the organsisers was to ensure that every secondary school in the country would have at least one teacher to expound the message effectively.

Teachers must ensure that their students were properly informed of the dangers and the consequences when they become victims or get involved.

“Seventy percent of human trafficking cases involved women and those below 18 years, hence the reason for targeting teachers,” she said at the launch of the state-level Anti-Human Trafficking and Anti-Migrant Smuggling awareness campaign in Penang recently.


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