Not appeasement but the straight path of virtue.

HONOURING THE “OTHER”: Towards a world curriculum of peace and co-exixtence.

SINCE its establishment in 1995, the directors of the Centre for Civilisational Dialogue, University of Malaya (UMCCD), Chandra Muzaffar, Azizan Baharuddin and Rahainah Abdullah have contributed to an evolving culture of engagement among civilisations.On Oct 23 and 24, UMCCD organised a symposium of people from different cultures in an intercivilisational dialogue towards peace, harmonious coexistence and sustainability.

The co-sponsors — the Institute of Oriental Philosophy, Japan, Soka Gakkai, and the Department of National Unity and Integration, Malaysia — have taken small, significant and steadfast steps towards sharing of noble and universal values, and fostering rational intercultural and interfaith engagements among people in search of truth, peace and harmony. Civilisational dialogue can only occur when people are civil and willing to engage with the other, and to begin to listen.

In such dialogue opportunities people begin to explain their life purposes, worldviews and aspirations, from the perspectives of their faiths, beliefs or philosophies. Such engagements have been going on at all levels of human interactions, in the United Nations, in regional fora, in national committees, in school debates and in family discussions.

Such conversations are not necessarily problem- solving caucuses, but are platforms for knowledge-seeking and, often, are occasions for self-enlightenment.

by Datuk Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid.

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