Make our homes and streets safe again

Malaysians would prefer our politicians to focus on the real issues of the day, such as fighting crime and improving the people’s quality of life.

YOU know something isn’t right when a restaurant at Section 17 in Petaling Jaya has to lock its main door during peak dining hours. The owner does not want to take any chances and prefers customers to call in ahead to make reservations.

Talk of a famous fish head curry restaurant being robbed has sparked off a chain reaction with many eateries now taking a more cautious approach.

For good measure, there are enough video clips, recorded from CCTVs and posted on YouTube, to show the number of 24-hour mamak shops that have been hit by parang-wielding robbers.

In many parts of Petaling Jaya, many hair salons have long adopted the same security measures to prevent criminals from entering their premises.

Yes, we have come to that level of insecurity in our daily life. I am not sure whether our leaders are aware of the extent of the fears among our people. They need to listen hard to the ground and not just rely on crime statistics. There is no need to be defensive about how reliable the statistics are or whether perception has got the better of us.

For a start, they should listen to their own staff or even their relatives who do not go about their daily lives in the same security-enhanced environment as them. Ordinary workers who go shopping for daily provisions or withdraw money from the ATM have become more conscious of their personal safety.

Our leaders should stop worrying about bad news and its messengers, in this case the media, and instead work on making our homes safe again.

by Wong Chun Wai.

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