LINUS programme records outstanding success

KOTA KINABALU: The Literacy and Numeracy Screening (LINUS) programme has recorded a 99.8 per cent success rate for English literacy and 99.9 per cent success rate for numeracy this year.

The exemplary results from the initial LINUS programme have prompted the ministry to introduce LINUS 2.0, which includes Basic Literacy in English in 2013.

Director General of Education Malaysia, Tan Sri Abd Ghafar Mahmud said that LINUS 2.0 was part of the National Education Blueprint 2012, meant to tackle the problems with English literacy among students.

“The progress achieved has also contributed to the economic development and rising living standards, irrespective of race,” he said.

He added that according to UNESCO, every 1 per cent increase in literacy would contribute to an increase of 2.5 per cent of the Gross National Product (GNP).

He also mentioned in his speech that teachers play an important role to ensure the success of the individual and the achievement of national education goals.

“Without teachers who are committed, LINUS facilitators (FasiLINUS) would not be able to record such an excellent achievement in literacy and numeracy,” said Abd Ghafar.

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