Beware of fake drugs

KOTA KINABALU: Consumers have been told to be aware of unregistered medicines sold in the market.

These medicines which are not registered with the health authorities may be hazardous as they contain poison that could jeopardise one’s health.

As such they must know the difference between registered and unregistered medicines, said pharmacist M Gopi of the State Health Department during the recent “Know Your Medicine” campaign here.

According to him, there were many fake or illegal medicines in the market.

And he also said knowledge was still grossly lacking among Malaysians on the safe and right use of medicines in the country.

To address this, the campaign was held to impart information to the people on various issues related to health and medicines.

Gopi added that medicines which could be bought over the counter (drugs which one can buy without prescription) were marked with the letter ‘X’ while medicines that contained scheduled poisons are marked with letter ‘A’, traditional medicines marked with letter ‘T’ and health supplements marked with letter ‘N’.

Furthermore, he cautioned that when taking medication, one must know the medicine’s label such as its full name, expiry date and instruction for usage, among others.

And, users are advised to check with a pharmacist or doctor immediately if they experience unusual reaction after consuming the medicines.

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