Happy New Year

He bore an uncanny resemblance to a film star of old,
The gaunt look of a vampire, a lost and lonely soul,
One day, inside his mirror, he found his one and only friend,
Through a one-way conversation that only he could comprehend.

In his youth, he was a dandy, had a lady on each arm,
His handsome eyes would mesmerize and his tongue would roll with charm,
To deny him was futile when caught up in his stare,
His wizardry was legendary, spellbinding in its fare.

He lived the life of Riley, carefree with his sins,
Aversed himself to the rigmarole of where honesty begins,
For youth was not a charity to the vain and selfish trade,
Caught in the pomp and circumstance of an egomaniac’s parade.

As the years rolled by the veil of sin crept silent as a shadow,
The eyes grew dark, the tongue grew sharp, with curses for tomorrow,
The alcohol had taken its toll, the fun had run its course,
Now he drinks to kill the memory of his encroaching remorse.

So he stands before the mirror with his dark and empty stare,
Wandering through his sorrow, through the pain that he must bear,
Another year comes to an end, just one more unwritten page,
Another empty thought of yesterday lost to drunken sacrilege.

My lady, may the new year bring warm comfort to your heart,
Me? I shall stand alone to count my many battle scars,
Within the warmth of my own shadow, I shall parry with my thoughts,
Until, defeated by my loneliness, I cede unto my broken heart.

by Harry Beslem

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