SIDMA College offered Academic Excellence Awards to SMK Kudat Top Scorers during PMR 2012

SIDMA College, UNITAR International University Sabah awarded six (6) students, from SMK Kudat, who scored 7As during the recently announced PMR examination results with Academic Excellence Award. The award was presented to the 6 students by YB Teo Chee Kang, ADUN N2, Tanjong Kapor at Dewan Seri Aminah Arif, SMK Kudat on January 29, 2013 in front of all the students.

Mr Rody Rodiley Tunai, representative from SIDMA College, upon arrival at the ceremony was given a warm welcome by the organizing committee. Prof. Dr. Mornie Hj Kambrie, SIDMA Chairman, was unable to attend the function as he has earlier committed to attend another function during that time.

Earlier last year Dr, Mornie had given a motivational talk to all SMK Kudat students and challenged those who were sitting for their PMR, SPM and STPM examination last year, that the college would be awarding an Academic Excellence Award, a cash award of RM 300.00 to each student who performed well in their examination (PMR – 7As; SPM – 9As; and STPM – 3A’s).

Mr. Teh Seng Chai, Principal of SMK Kudat, in his welcoming speech thanked Prof Dr. Mornie for his motivational talk and the Academic Excellence Awards incentives as it had a great impact on the school PMR result. The school PMR result has improved tremendously from 32% passes (2011) to 39% passes (2012), which according to Mr. Teh was a great achievement.

In 2012, SIDMA College adopted two secondary schools, namely SMK Kudat and SMK Gum-Gum Sandakan as a trial project to offer Academic Excellence Award to rural secondary schools students as an incentive for these students to do well during government examinations.

Mock cheque was given to the school principal during SIDMA College new students oath taking ceremony held at SESB Hall on 28th June 2012.

The project was also part of SIDMA Corporate Responsibility (CSR) to assist rural students in their studies and also to create awareness among rural students that apart from their parents, relatives and teachers, there are other people who supports them in their studies and would like them to excel during public examinations.

Prof. Dr. Mornie and SIDMA Board of Management congratulated all students and wished them luck and success in their future undertakings.

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