Learning in the digital age

WHO says that working adults don’t have time to pursue higher education?

With the internet, e-learning opportunities abound, especially for those who are interested in distance learning.

Asia e University is one of the first higher education institutions in Malaysia to practise an integrated e-learning approach in its teaching and learning process.

This approach in open and distance learning is a viable and complementary alternative to the traditional campus-based delivery mode in higher education.

It has enabled the varsity to contribute towards the country’s integrated education system and enrich one’s learning experience.

The varsity also has its own delivery mode in the areas of learning materials and assessments.

By employing self-study methods, learners can study independently at their own pace using course materials in digital format that are presented as self-instructional material.

Students will have access to a digital library and are encouraged to read materials online.

Virtual laboratories and online simulations are carried out as practice exercises and students can download audio or video clips of archived lectures.

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