What teachers need to know about 21st Century Literacy.

Technology is not only changing the way education is perceived of today but is redefining the overall education scope. It has created new sciences and reorganized the relationships between long-standing disciplines and fields of inquiry. It has also created new cultural representations and industries. At this historical moment ,  knowledge itself is in transition as new systems for the generation, systematization, surveillance, and management of knowledge are beign created.

The questions worth posing here are: does literacy have the same meaning it had in the last century? Do we need a new literacy ? what is it to be a 21 st century literate ? is reading text and communicating a good and clear spoken language enough to define literacy ? What are the prerequisites of the 21st century literacy ? Is digital literacy part of it ? are we in front of one literacy or multiple literacies ?

These questions and many others are the centre of hot and rigorous debates inside the educational spheres and policy maker salons.

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