Malaysians Welcome ‘School In Hospital’ Concept

SERDANG: — Recently, this writer was in a lift with a young mother at a public hospital here.

The woman pressed the button numbered five in the lift, indicating that she wanted to go to Level 5, the location of the hospital’s paediatric ward.

“Visiting anybody?” came an inquiry from this writer.

“I want to visit my six-year-old child in the ward. The child was admitted after suffering from convulsions.

“The nurse called me this morning, informing me that my child can consume food and go for brisk walks in the ward,” the young mother said.

“The nurse also said my child is happy, able to attend a classroom located on the same floor. Thank goodness, there is a school in the hospital,” she added.

Classroom Hours:

The Education Ministry, Health Ministry and a non-governmental organisation (NGO) have come up with a concept where a school is brought to the paediatric ward in the hospital to enable child patients to attend classes like their healthy peers.

This means that child patients’ rights to education are not ignored.

This School In Hospital (SIH) is held free of charge for child patients at participating hospitals. Several government hospitals have allocated special places for SIH classrooms to provide education for patients at primary and secondary school levels.

Physicians attending to child patients need to certify that the children are able to attend the SIH classes that are conducted by experienced teachers from the Education Ministry.

The teachers are under the supervision of a senior teacher from the ministry.


Teachers, under the Education Ministry, can apply to become SIH teachers under the Special Education Division of the ministry.

Among subjects covered by the SIH are Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics and Science.

by Hazlinda Hamzah.

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