‘Teachers can help promote unity’

PUTRAJAYA: Teachers play a key role in promoting racial harmony among the young.

Director-general of education Tan Sri Abd Ghafar Mahmud said the role of teachers was to instil the values of integration and unity in their students to strengthen the 1Malaysia concept.

“Such positive attitudes and noble characteristics ingrained in the young will result in stronger ties in the community and create national integration,” he said yesterday at the convocation for the Teacher Training Institute here.

He said teachers must also maintain a healthy interaction among themselves and practise the values they teach to set an example to their students.

Ghafar said the teaching profession should not be looked down on as the job carried with it multiple responsibilities and demands.

He said teachers must lead future leaders and keep up with today’s ever-changing world.

“They must also remain relevant in today’s world, where they face different, futuristic and competitive views, and keep up with rapid changes. They have to carry out educational transformation and accept the challenges that globalisation brings.”

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