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OPTIMISED FOR TOUCH:  Several new computers — PCs, ultra-books,  all-in-one desktops — available today redefine the touch computing experience, writes Chandra Devi Renganayar.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix

Designed for business professionals on the move, the convertible laptop-tablet device combines the performance of a business ultrabook with the mobility of a Windows 8 tablet.

It has an 11.6-inch full HD 10-point multi-touch IPS screen and features Intel Core i7-3667U 2.0GHz processor with 8GB of RAM.

Weighing just 835g, the tablet portion has two full HD cameras — a 2MP front-facing and a 5MP rear module with low-light sensitivity and face tracking technology. The tablet also houses a USB 2.0 port, a mini-display port, an audio combo jack and a 3G (and optional 4G LTE) SIM slot.

As an ultrabook, the ThinkPad Helix runs up to 10 hours for a full day of work and play. It retails at RM6,500.

Acer Aspire P3

Acer claims that the Aspire P3, a new form of ultrabook, is powerful enough to be a primary PC as well. The ultrabook, which has a 11.6-inch high definition display with IPS technology, can be used as a notebook, hybrid or tablet effortlessly. The model is only 9.95mm thick and weighs 0.79kg. It has 2GB of RAM and 60GB of SSD storage, and supports Windows 8 OS.

by Chandra Devi Renganayar

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