NUTP Calls For Review Of Protecting Instructional Time Programme

KUALA LUMPUR:  The National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP) has called on the Education Ministry to review the implementation of the Protecting Instructional Time (PIT) programme as it will cause more problems to the teachers.

Its president, Hashim Adnan, said the initiative to focus on teaching and learning process in classroom would restrict movements of principals, headmasters and teachers as they would be required to be at school at all time.

“Their duties are not limited to activities in school. Sometimes they have to attend meetings at the district education office or the ministry, and carry out co-curricular activities, sports and so on,” he told reporters after chairing the NUTP executive council meeting in the capital, Friday.

Hashim the meeting decided to reject the implementation of the programme and to urge the ministry to abolish it.

The programme was first implemented early this year with the aim to increase awareness on the importance to protect the students’ learning hours in the classroom.

One of the rationals is that the reduction of the instructional time should be limited to ensure increase of effective learning time for the students.

Among the guidelines for the programme is to ensure that co-curricular activities are being carried out according to the regulations stipulated by the ministry and to minimise the frequency of teachers leaving the classroom unattended.


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