Do away with black sheep

EVERY profession has its fair share of black sheep. Teaching is no exception.

If we want quality teachers, then identifying these black sheep is a necessary first step.

Who are they? They are the uncommitted, irresponsible, uninitiated, lackadaisical, indifferent, manipulative and even deceitful teachers. They are a bane to the noble teaching fraternity.

We need to expose their “traits and tricks” so that those who are practising them may be pushed to feel ashamed and hopefully repent and begin anew in the right way.

Young and new school administrators also need to be made aware of the unscrupulous and indiscipline acts of these errant teachers and know how to deal with them according to service disciplinary regulations.

So, how do these black sheep “operate”? In my 32-year formal engagement with education — in teaching as well as in school administration — I had come across some difficult colleagues and staff. I believe that their “clones” continue to exist in our schools today.

Let me share a few cases. First, as senior assistant (academic), my duty included supervising the running of the school library.

Upon reporting to the school, I was soon taken on a “guided” tour of the library by the library teacher. He explained as we moved along and soon we were at the “works” section.

by Liong Kam Chong, Seremban.

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