The many benefits of serving

I WRITE to express my disappointment of many people who shy away from serving on civic, community service and professional bodies.

I am glad that The Star had recently launched, and continues to promote, a programme that extols the virtues, satisfaction and joys of serving voluntarily in such worthy bodies.

My disappointment is also because many people do not see the point of serving in PTAs, temple, church or even neighbourhood associations.

The majority of these people are quite prepared to let this task be shouldered by a few, caring, responsible and committed individuals who sometimes serve on not one but a few such committees.

Why is there this reluctance to render voluntary service on an altruistic basis?

There are various reasons. For some, it is considered a sheer waste of their valuable time and effort; for others, they do not have the time to spare!

The irony here is that it is the busy person who is best suited to serve because he really knows how to manage his time and priorities.

For a few others, they feel that such voluntary service do not in any way help in their career or business progress. This is plain fallacy!

The important point to remember is that in serving voluntarily in such bodies, and for the right reasons too, we actually gain quite a bit!

We get to really improve and hone our social, business and professional skills in such settings.

by Victor Thomas, Petaling Jaya.

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