SIDMA College, UNITAR Sabah Farewell, Appreciation and Iftar Dinner

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SIDMA College’s Appreciation, Farewell and Iftar Dinner held on 26 July 2013 at Sabah Oriental Hotel, Karamunsing, Kota Kinabalu was an evening of mixed feelings for the staff as well as the management.

The special gathering was organized especially to congratulate, thank and appreciate SIDMA’s most senior staff, Ms. Mary Monica Jiony (Chairperson, Board of Governance) and Ms. Daria Gom (Manager, Human Resource) who are leaving the college for new career opportunities and also to pursue for their Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) at University Sabah Malaysia (UMS). The appreciation and thanks also was intended for Mr. Heri Ruthwiryo (Coordinator), who is also leaving in August.

However, despite the fact that the staff were very excited for both Ms Mary and Ms. Daria, they were all saddened by the bare fact that SIDMA College is going to lose two of SIDMA’s most eminent key persons, who are also good friends and mentors to many.

Emotions began to fill the warm atmosphere when Dr. Morni, in his welcoming address, began to describe Ms. Mary’s greatest contributions to SIDMA College way back in the early years of the its establishment in 2002. She assisted in the recruitment of students for SIDMA College (previously known as the Institut Pengurusan Dynamic Seminar (IPD) College Sabah which was then the newly appointed Regional Centre for UNITAR, Sabah Regional Centre. Dr Morni also described Ms. Mary as a matured leader who always works with great wisdom, love and great patience; always shows professionalism in her work.

Ms. Daria was better known for her Human Resource expertise, she developed a comprehensive Human Resource system and procedures for the college.

Teardrops were seen dripping from the eyes of the staff when slide show and video clips (produced by the IT Department) of memories via photos of all three staff in various company functions attended since day one in the college. The situation became more intense when Dr. Morni with his favorite mini violin played an instrumental, sentimental tune, and later sang and very sentimental song entitled “you are beautiful” especially dedicated to the two ladies.

Ms. Mary and Ms. Daria, during their farewell speech thanked Prof Dr. Morni and SIDMA Board of Management for the wonderful appreciation, farewell and Iftar dinner which was held especially for them; they also expressed gratitude and thanks to everyone for their attendance and support.Both of them were very saddened by fact that they have to leave all of their very supportive colleagues and good friends behind as they felt that there were too many wonderful memories, experiences and moments to be cherished.

Ms. Mary who had served 11th years in SIDMA and for Ms. Daria (9th years) both deeply praised Dr. Morni for being a visionary and capable leader, and is very thankful for the opportunity to serve the college. They acknowledged Dr. Morni for being very supportive, understanding and an easy person to work with no matter how challenging or tough the situation is. They both wished Dr. Morni, the management team and all staff the very best in propelling SIDMA College to greater heights and hope to meet again in the very near future.

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