Those were the days …

An academic expounds the benefits of studying in an English-medium school saying how relevant it is in her current field of work and research.

PROF Dr Yang Farina Abdul Aziz is thankful for her schooling years at an English-medium school in a small town, where she not only gained knowlege but was nurtured by teachers who broadened her perspective of the world.

Her teachers at the Methodist English School in Tanjung Malim, Perak (now SMK Methodist, Tanjung Malim), were simply passionate about their jobs and did their best to teach and inculcate the right values to their charges.

“My teachers were great … they were full of dedication and initiative in class,” said Prof Yang Farina.

“At school, I had many good teachers one of whom was Mrs Jothy.

“She used to single-handedly take a class of about 40 students around the Tanjung Malim area on nature walks, or to visit temples and mosques.

“We had lots of fun on such trips,” said Prof Yang Farina who is senior professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM),

While students were allowed to explore and gather facts on their own, her teachers were equally keen to explain the significance of the excursions, she said.

“Our teachers made sure that we did not get out of line. Teachers back then instilled a deep sense of discipline in each of us.

“If we did not do our homework, they would keep us at school until we completed it,” she said.

by Royce T. G. Tan.

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