English – foundation of career

PETALING JAYA: English is integral to the field of architecture, said a husband-and-wife team who founded an architectural firm together.

“This begins in architectural school itself where students learn the philosophy and history of art,” said Zaiha Hamzah, who together with Abdul Khalid Johari, have been architects for the past 20 years.

“All the research material is in English, and there’s so much material that you simply won’t have the time to translate them all.

“Your understanding of the texts needs to be instant,” Zaiha emphasised.

“In architecture, we have crit sessions where we present our thesis to the class and lecturers.

“They are followed by question-and-answer sessions that are all in English,” she said, highlighting the importance of being able to interact well in English.

In addition to this, meetings with clients and contractors, as well as administering contracts, are all conducted in English.

“So you not only have to speak and write in English, you even have to think in English,” said Abdul Khalid.

by Luwita Hana Randhawa.

Read more @ http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2013/08/16/English-foundation-of-career-Proficiency-the-building-blocks-of-learning-architecture-says-couple.aspx

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