Thank You, Sir,

It is my utmost pleasure to take this golden opportuniy to convey my sincere gratitude and to say “Thank You” to the  followings who had contributed positively to my present well-being:

  • The Head Master, teachers and staffs of Government English  Primary School (GES) Labuan (1960 – 1965).
  • The Principal, teachers and staffs of Government English Secondary School (GES) Labuan (1966-1970).
  • The Principal, lecturers and staffs of Gaya Teachers” Training College, Kota Kinabalu (1972-1973)
  • The Dean, lecturers and staffs of the Faculty of Education, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang (1990-1994)
  • The Dean, lecturers and staffs of SPACE, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johore, (1997-2000)

Thank you and I really treasured the knowledge, skills and attitude that you had shared with me.

“Thank you” to all my classmates, school mates, college mates, and university mates. All of you had been very co-0perative and had shown team spirit. Like playing football – I won’t be able to score if you had not passed the ball to me.

To the organizing committee of the fantastic 1970’s GES reunion on 11 January 2009, my sincere thanks to all of you for the job well done. Though I might not be able to recognize all of you as have as I ‘ve spent quite sometime in Kota Kinabalu, but basically we have not changed much. Very sorry if I have not recognized you. Sincerely, I missed you all.

To all my teachers who had come all the way from different parts of the world to join us in Labuan – my great appreciation and thank you for taking the effort to come and join us in Labuan.

Thank you to the Organising Committee of the 1970 GES Reunion.

I also would like to dedicate this “thank you” note to all members of the following institutions that I had served earlier….

  • Principal, staffs and students of SM St. Anthony, Labuan (1971).
  • Principal, staffs and parents of SMK Tenom (1974 – 1976)
  • Staffs, students, parents and the stakeholders of SMK Kemabong, Tenom (1976-1981)

Thank you for the supports that you all have given me. I really appreciate the “Guru Terbaik” award from SMK Tenom (1975) and from the staff of Tenom Education District Office (1977).

“Thank You” to the Director of Education, Sabah and all the officers concerned for allowing me to serve in the Academic Management Sector from 15 February till I retired on 15 September 2007. Thank you for giving me the privilege to work with some of  the great leaders of Education Department such as:

  • Dr. Isa Ramli.
  • Datuk Seri Dr. Hasbullah Hj. Mohd. Taha.
  • Datuk Kamal D.E. Quadra.
  • The late Datuk Dr. Hamdan Hj. Mohammed.
  • Datuk Amin Arif.
  • Datuk Normah Gagoh.
  • Tuan Hj. Muhiddin Yusin.
  • Puan Mary Teresa Kinajil.
  • Puan Hajjah Aminah Hj. Musally.
  • Encik Amin Senin.
  • Puan Hajjah Maimunah Hj. Suhaili.
  • and many more.

It was under the leadership of all these great people that the department came up with 3 Strategic Development Plans such as:

  • Strategic Plan “3+2″  (1994-1998)
  • Beyond Excellence  “BE” (2000-2005)
  • Smart Action Golden Achievement  ”SAGA”  (2007-2011).

I, too, was really honoured to be given the privilege to work  with some of the Divisions / Sectors in the Ministry of Education such as:

  • Teachers’ Training Division.
  • Curriculum Development Centre.
  • Aminuddin Baki Training Institution.

Thank you for giving me the change to attend in-service courses both  at the national and international level. Some of my international courses are:

  • Training Design and Management for Malaysian Education Officers in Innotech-Recsam, Manila (1999)
  • SEAMEO-UNESCO Education Congress & Expo : “Adapting to Changing Times and Needs” in Bangkok (2004)
  • Service Delivery, Performance and Customer Focus in London (2005)

With some of the foreign students in London

I was really honoured to be chosen the recipient of the Ahli Mangku Negara (A.M.N.) ward from the 7th Yang Di Pertuan Agung, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Ibni Al-Marhum Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail in conjunction with Duli Yang Maha Mulia’s Yang Dipertuan Agong’s Birthday 0n 05 Jun 2004.

Recieving the A.M.N. award from DYMN Yang Dipertuan Agong.

My sincere thanks to all Heads of Sectors, all staffs and everyone (1981-2007) for all your supports and your enlightenment that you all shared in times of needs. I really enjoy my every moment of my time working with you all wonderful people in the Education Department.

I also would like to thank Prof. Dr. Morni Hj. Kambrie and the management team of SIDMA College,UNIRAZAK  Sabah Regional Centre  for allowing me to join the team a day after my retirement from the Education Department.

SIDMA Collehe.UNIRAZAK Sabah Regional Centre is currently offering certificate, Diploma and Degree courses to students who had completed their secondary education. One of the many courses offered is Bachelor of Education (Hons). Currently there are mare then a 1,ooo students doing Bachelor of Education (H0ns ) and the figure is expected to increase sharply once the campus moves to its new building at Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu by the middle 0f 2010.

Once again thank you all for your supports and your co-operations. Please stay tune to this website. Thank you to all of you for supporting me all the way through.

Thank you Sir and all the best to all of you.

From : Teo Eng Seng, AMN.

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