Trust schools improving quality

KUALA LUMPUR: The Yayasan Amir Trust School Programme (TSP) is well positioned to carry out the education reform and transformation plans in the Malaysia Education Blueprint, says Board of Trustees chairman Raja Tan Sri Arshad Raja Tun Uda.

With 13 participating schools, TSP has shown that national schools can deliver high-quality education.

The schools in the Johor cluster (five schools), Sarawak cluster (five) and the Kuala Lumpur cluster (three) comprise secondary, primary, rural and public schools.

Raja Arshad said a lesson observation conducted last year showed teachers recorded 25 per cent improvement in competency areas.

“Teachers are becoming more enthusiastic and passionate about teaching, making lessons more student-centric instead of the conventional teacher-centric method of teaching.

“In turn, students become more interested in learning and pay greater attention in class,” he told the New Straits Times.

Yayasan Amir’s survey of teachers showed that usage of strategic questioning promoting student thinking had increased by 33 per cent, improving planning and structured lessons by 25 per cent.

Teachers also improved their usage of defined collaborative and cooperative earning structures by 40 per cent and improved usage of a range of resources that support effective learning by 21 per cent.

The teachers, said Raja Arshad, used low-tech props and tools, making lessons more interactive.

“For example, each child gets a small whiteboard of their own as a learning aid to demonstrate classroom feedback.”

Raja Arshad said students were finding classes more interesting.

“Students actually want to go to school, proven by the drop in absenteeism.

“In rural schools in Sarawak, students make their way to school despite floods, and we had a case in Johor where a student with a broken arm insisted on coming to school.”

Schools are enrolled into the programme for five years and go through three transformational phases or “gradual release model”.

In the Transformation Phase (Year 1 to Year 3), Teaching and Learning Advisors (TLAs) are based in the schools to develop and execute activities under the Trust Schools Improvement Programme (TSIP).

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