Zahid’s defence off target say human rights practitioners

PETALING JAYA: Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s defence of “rights for the cops and crime victims” has come under fire from human rights practitioners.

Law professor Azmi Sharom said the tweet exposed a lack of understanding of the issue.

He added that the police are bound by law and by international standards, which determines how force ought to be used.

“In a civilised country, the police cannot be judge, jury and executioner. By saying it is alright to shoot to kill without warning, then he is basically saying that the police are exactly that, judge, jury and executioner,” he said.

Zahid had been heavily criticised recently for telling a closed-door forum in Malacca on Saturday that gangsters would be “shot first” if evidence was obtained.

In his defence Zahid took to Twitter on Wednesday and asked if human rights only applied to criminals.

“What about the rights of the police and victims of robberies, shootings and murders. Why don’t the activists champion their rights? Are human rights only for criminals?” he tweeted.

Azmi said the rights of the victims are best protected by having enough police working on the streets to prevent crime.

“How does killing people who have not been proven guilty protect the rights of victims?” he said.

by Rashvinjeet S Bedi.

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