Getting students to understand cyber security

CHANGE is happening very rapidly in today’s world and education has evolved bringing on more responsibilities for the educator.

It goes beyond teaching students the knowledge and skills. In fact, teachers need to prepare their charges for the real world.

In the past, adults had access to developments in technology, had a “hold” of the changes and then passed down their knowledge to the next generation.

With the “tsunami-like” nature of new digital technologies, children these days are learning to use technology at the same time as the adults.

This sometimes leads to misunderstandings and uncertainties of how technologies can or should be used.

Schools must respond to students’ changing needs. In the working world, increasingly complicated issues will require solutions that cross disciplinary boundaries, and go beyond “one-box” solutions.

Though the urge to cut corners may be strong, standards for respectful and ethical conduct should be cultivated.

Nurturing each of these minds will help ensure that the next generation is willing and able to meet the still-unknown challenges of the future.

With many businesses moving online, there will be a need to get employees with at least basic cyber security knowledge to protect their online reputation.

Hence, all new employees will need to have the basic knowledge of cyber security to be competitive in a working market where there is more and more unemployment worldwide!

by Dr Termit Kaur.

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