Four million students across M’sia read books together

KUALA LUMPUR: For 33 minutes and 33 seconds (or 2013 seconds), approximately four million students in Malaysian schools read books together as part of ‘Scholastic Malaysia’s READ 2013: One Nation Reading Together’ reading campaign to inculcate the healthy habit of recreational reading.

This literacy milestone, a four-fold increase from last year’s figure of one million students was achieved with the immense drive from the Ministry of Education’s recently concluded 1Malaysia Reading Camp (Kem Membaca 1Malaysia) which involved the participation of schools across the country.

“Four million students is a resounding triumph for literacy in Malaysia. Better reading habits will ensure these children become more knowledgeable and imaginative in their outlook of life,” said Selina Lee, director of Scholastic Asia.

She said they have been working alongside the Ministry of Education since 2008 and the partnership has been invaluable.

“We would not have achieved this milestone together without their unwavering dedication to the cause,” she added.

READ 2013 is the sixth instalment of the reading campaign in Malaysia, organised by Scholastic Malaysia, a subsidiary of Scholastic Inc. – the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books.

The one-day event encourages schools to get teachers and students to read a book for half-an hour.

For each participating school, Scholastic Malaysia donated 50 books to upgrade their libraries. More than 125,000 books were supplied to Malaysian schools this year.

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